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For Suratis, Rs. The 900 will also start a cruise service from Hazira to Diu and a 13-hour Hazira to Hazira fun trip.

Cruise Service Launched Today: For Suratis, Rs. The 900 will also start a cruise service from Hazira to Diu and a 13-hour Hazira to Hazira fun trip.

Along with the trip, the cruise will feature a variety of amenities, including a gaming lounge and entertainment on deck.

Hazira to Hazira (High Sea) trip will be Mon-Wed-Sunday and Hazira to Diu Mon-Wed, timing and booking will be announced

Union Ports, Shipping, and Waterways Minister Mansukh Mandvia will launch the virtual cruise service between Surat (Hazira) and Diu today at 04.30 pm. However, information on when the cruise service will start and what its timing will be announced in the coming days. 

Hazira's High Sea Trip from Hazira will also be launched so that special Suratis can enjoy sea travel with the Hazira-Diu service. The cruise between Surat (Hazira) and Diu has a capacity of 300 passengers. The cruise will take 13 to 14 hours to reach Diu from Hazira.
Recreation deck
Recreation deck

The single trip fare includes food along
with a Rs 900 cruise ticket, while the VIP lounge has unlimited food and Rs 3,000 for all parts of the ship, in addition to the entry fare for the trip. The cruise, which will start between Hazira-Diu, has 16 cabins, which passengers can book for single or for two people. The cruise will also have a gaming lounge, VIP lounge and entertainment on deck.

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VIP lounge.
VIP lounge.

Passengers who book a cabin to play a game in the gaming lounge will be given 500 coins for a single person and 1000 coins between two passengers which will not be refundable. Along with this the QR code will be used for entry in the cruise starting between Hazira-Diu. There will be different QR codes for visitor and guest i.e. passenger. Only guests will be able to travel on the cruise. Visitors will have to leave the terminal as soon as the cruise arrives.

Cabin rent Rs 3500

Hazira to DiuHazira to Hazira
ScheduleMon, Wed.Mon, Wed, Sun.
Single trip900900
Round trip1700-
Cabin (two persons)50005000
VIP Lounge30003000
Trip time13 hours13 hours

Initially, this service will be weekly with the vessel departing from Bandra Worli Sealink every Thursday at around 5pm to arrive at Hazira on Friday at around 9am. It will depart from Hazira on Friday around 5pm to arrive at Bandra Worli Sealink next day at 9am. The number of trips will be increased as per demand.

“We have developed marine terminal and infrastructure required for handling such passenger vessel at our Hazira terminal. We plan to support the cruise tourism initiative of Government or Gujarat by developing ancillary services, including a marina, promenade and ship repair facility at Hazira”, said port officer of GMB; captain Subhash Das.

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