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Funny Common Sense Quiz Puzzles for WhatsApp

 Hello friends, how are you and we have met Rai for so many days and you are having fun and Corona is not done? Brothers, let's move on to today's post.

This puzzle will make you have a lot of fun and will take you by surprise and you need a mind and a little common sense.
You have written below in Hindi for you to hope and you will also find other information here.

किसका वजन ज्यादा होगा…
1 किलो रुई का या फिर 1 किलो लोखंड का?
अगर है कोमनसेंस तो दो उत्तर
वर्ना शेयर करो….
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This is a challenge for you and checks the commonsense of the challenge you are giving to Bijiloko and you will have a lot of fun and this is the first challenge for you.

Challenge, Challenge, Challenge, and Challenge is a great challenge for you.

You will find such information here and you will also find fun puzzles here and you will find new puzzles every day and you will find all the details of jobs and government schemes here.

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