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In Ahmedabad, a slab of a building collapsed and the mother and two innocent people were beaten up.

Hairy Rescue:

First one girl came out, then another girl and finally the mother came out

3 innocent people were killed when a slab of a building fell near Kalupur in the city, in which two were killed.
People were hoping that someone would get out by removing one stone at a time, creating an earthquake-like situation.

A video of the rescue operation carried out by the locals makes the hair stand on end.

Two days ago, a slab of a years-old building collapsed near Kadia Kui near Relief Road in Ahmedabad city, killing two daughters and a mother. People found out that someone had been beaten and efforts began to get everyone out of the rubble before the fire brigade arrived. 

At this time the people were removing one stone at a time, in which first a girl came out; Then another girl and finally the mother came out. The daughter and mother were killed. The video of the entire rescue has come to light, which raises eyebrows. 

mothers-daughters were crushed when a slab fell in the scenes after the Jung video surfaced with the deaths of innocents amidst people's efforts . Being a small narrow alley there was very little space for rescue. No one there had any experience of rescue. On the one hand, attempts were made to remove one stone at a time, on the other hand, 3 innocent souls were crushed inside.

As the innocent girl and mother came out, the people picked them up and ran away.

As soon as the girl was taken out, a man picked her up and ran.
People did not know what to do, but everyone was shouting what to do. People were trying to get the oppressed people out again, but they didn't know who was where or under whom. In the midst of all this, the first innocent girl comes out, a man runs to save her. Then there was the other girl and then the mother outside the cauldron. A daughter and a mother have died in this unfortunate incident.

The death from above while flying toward home to
go to the event in detail, Jamalpur dealer Pol from Secrets of the hospital next to the elegant flat chat najhiyabanu Sheikh (31) roundabout Relief Road kadiyakui with Zohra daughter to 5.45 pm on Tuesday evening (12) and akhtabanu (7) Were. Just then Naziabanu and his daughter fell on the balcony of a 3-story dilapidated building on the road.

Since Halimabahen was still at home, the fire brigade took her down.

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Naziabanu and Akhtabanu died at the hospital after 3 innocent people were killed when the balcony collapsed , while Johra was in critical condition. The balcony of the house that collapsed belonged to Rajab Mansoori (65) and he and his wife Halimabahen (62) lived there. Halimabahen was at home when the balcony fell and the fire brigade took her down.

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