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In Kupwada district, Army personnel carried two pregnant women 5 km to the hospital amid heavy snowfall.

Angels became soldiers: In Kupwada district, Army personnel carried two pregnant women 5 km to the hospital amid heavy snowfall.

Two pregnant women were rushed to hospital amid heavy snowfall

The army has launched the 'Humsaya' program to help locals
The family and doctors thanked the soldiers

In Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, the army is fighting the militants and helping the locals out of trouble. The army has launched the 'Humsaya' program. In Kupwada district, the army had received information that a woman was having labor pains and without wasting a single moment, the jawans picked up two pregnant women by the shoulder and took them to hospital amid heavy snowfall.

One woman has given birth to a baby girl, the other woman is under treatment. Doctors and family members have thanked the Army personnel for taking the women to the hospital on time.

Troopers rushed the women to the ambulance

Sakina Begum was in labor late at night in Nunwani village of Kalirus, but the ambulance could not reach due to heavy snowfall. Upon hearing the news, Major Mukesh, the company commander of Kalarus, rushed to the spot with the medical team, but the gypsy of the jawans was also trapped in the snow and was not in a position to move forward.

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Under the circumstances, the troopers reached Sakina's house without further delay, lifted the woman on their shoulders in the snow and pushed her to the gypsy and from there to the hospital.

The army is helping the people

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In the Sogam area, Army personnel carried the pregnant woman on their shoulders for five km and rushed her to Sogam Hospital. In the area, a man named Ghulam Nabi sought help from a jawan of 28 RR's Markul Company to reach the hospital and the jawan was also immediately alerted and carried Khurshid Begum of Koshi Mohalla Dardpora on his shoulder to the hospital. Here too the ambulance could not reach the patient amidst the snow.

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