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Major accident in UP

Major accident in UP:8 killed on the spot in an accident between a Scorpio and a container, the mutilated Scorpio's body was mutilated and the bodies and injured were taken out.

The accident was so serious that Scorpio's wreckage was gone. The bodies and injured were exhumed after an hour's effort by cutting off the body of the car.

Accident in which a Scorpio collided with an oncoming container on the highway in Agra
The accident was so horrific that Scorpio was crushed

ન્યૂઝ નો વિડીયો જોવો 

The accident took place in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, early Thursday morning when the Scorpio, which had reached the wrong side by breaking a divider in the Etmadaula area, collided with an oncoming container. Eight people in the car died on the spot in the accident. Four people were hospitalized in critical condition. The dead have not yet been identified. Scorpio's registration number is from Jharkhand.

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Locals rushed to the scene after the accident and reported the accident to police.


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The container driver tried to avoid the accident, but failed.
According to the information received, the accident took place on the highway at 5.15 am. The SUV coming from Etmadpur went out of control and climbed the divider and reached the wrong side. The driver of the container made several attempts to rescue the car, but failed due to excessive speed. The driver and cleaner of the container escaped after the accident.

The container also climbed the divider after colliding with the SUV. It was later removed from the road with the help of a crane.

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The bodies had to be exhumed after Scorpio's body was cut off. The
accident was so horrific that Scorpio was crushed. The bodies and injured were exhumed after an hour-long effort to dismember the wrecked car. Police with the help of locals rushed the injured to the hospital.

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