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Nagaland: Policeman arrives to get corona vaccine, nurse laughs as he holds hands

 Nagaland: Policeman arrives to get corona vaccine, nurse laughs as he holds hands

The second phase of corona vaccination is underway across the country. A video of Nagland in this phase of vaccination has gone viral. In the capital, Kohima, a Corona Warrior policeman comes to get the vaccine. In the vaccination center, he sits on a chair, holds her hand like a nurse, and starts laughing out loud. He cannot sit still for fear of injection.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

વિડીયો જોવો 

 The nurse repeatedly tries to give the vaccine but the policeman can't stop laughing. A nurse and a policeman hold his hand and head, yet he refuses to give the vaccine. Seeing this scene, everyone present at the vaccination center bursts into laughter.

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Friends, people are scared of Corona vaccine, but this news has come, people are going crazy laughing and laughing.

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