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On a white day, ants steal a gold chain - watching the video will blind your eyes

One such video has come up on social media when some surprising videos are coming up. Strange videos go viral on social media. There are some videos that you can't believe your eyes after watching.
One such video is going viral on social media. On the one hand, people are amazed to see this video, on the other hand, you will be inspired that, if very good strength is found together, any impossible task can be made possible.
This video has been tweeted by IPS officer Deepanshu Kabra. In this video of only 15 seconds, you can see that the ants are carrying the gold chain with them. By tweeting this video, IPS Kabra states that the smallest gold smugglers.

You can watch this video here. On IPS Kabra's Twitter, Yatendra Nath Zai asked, "You will register a case against him under the IPS section." Ravi Kumar Tripathi wrote that these small thieves are doing a great job. Police will often be able to catch the true culprit even if they see the footage.
At the same time, Purushottam Vyas wrote that even this could not escape your notice. "This is an excellent example of the strength of unity," Saurabh wrote. "The one who tries never gives up," Rinku wrote. 

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