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Special Read / If you are worried about losing your job, make millions from this business sitting at home with less capital.


Special Read / If you are worried about losing your job, make millions from this business sitting at home with less capital.

There are many educated youth associated with the soil of the country, who have turned to farming for earning. If you are also interested in farming, take a product that can guarantee income. Such as exotic vegetable button mushroom. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals, with the number of people learning the recipe from YouTube increasing.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 


Button mushroom is a species that is rich in minerals and vitamins. Because of these benefits, mushrooms are becoming popular. Its retail price in the market is Rs 300 to Rs 350 per kg and the wholesale price is 40 per cent less. Due to its high demand, many farmers have given up traditional farming and started growing mushrooms.


Mushroom cultivation will start at Rs 50,000

Button mushrooms can be grown on compost. One quintal of compost takes 1.5 kg of seeds. About 2000 kg of mushrooms can be grown by making 4 to 5 quintals of compost. Now if 2000 kg of mushrooms can be sold at Rs 150 per kg, it gets around Rs 3 lakh.

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Of these, if you deduct Rs 50,000 as expenses, you can save Rs 2.5 lakh, even if it costs less than Rs 50,000. 10 kilograms of mushrooms per square meter are produced comfortably.


This is the way to farm

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Mushrooms are grown by making three three-foot-wide racks in a space of at least 40 by 30 feet.

To make compost, soak the paddy husk and after one day mix DAP, urea, potash, wheat bran, gypsum, calcium and carbo furadan in it and let it decompose.

The compost is ready after about 45 days. Now get equal proportions of dung manure and soil then apply a layer about two inches thick and then apply two to three inch thick compost on top.

To retain moisture, sprinkle the mushrooms two to three times a day and apply a two inch thick layer of compost.

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Training can be taken here

Mushroom cultivation training is imparted in all agricultural universities and agricultural research centers. If you are planning to cultivate this on a large scale, you need to train well once.

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