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Spoken English Communication Program for Students in class 1 to 9.

Spoken English learning App that makes your child practice conversational English every day so that they can talk fluently and with confidence in front of others 🚀

▪️Get results, fast! 30 hours with Blackboard Radio is equivalent to a 6-month spoken English course in an offline center to gain excellent pronunciation and reduce accent.

*Our Offerings* 📱

📝 Daily Homework - Speak on a topic for 5-10 minutes as a daily assignment. It is designed in such a way that more you speak, better you will get.

👨‍🏫 Live sessions - We have live practice sessions where your child speaks in front of other people in a group setting and gets real-time valuable feedback from our Moderators

💬 Get feedback - Our highly skillful teachers from prestigious universities give highly critical & valuable feedback to the child personalized to his assignment. 

📖 Read Stories & News - Reading English section where the child can read stories, novels and news aloud to practice their pronunciation and improve vocabulary.

👫 Compete with friends - The amount of minutes you speak English is how you compete with people all around the country and your friends. Helps you in keeping track of how you are performing and winning against others.

*About Blackboard Radio (BBR)* 💪

▪️Language learning labs in schools & content-only apps are inconsistent and do not focus on speaking practice. Whatever limited speaking activities some apps have do not understand Indian accents

Also read લીક:‘Mi 11 લાઈટ’ની કિંમત લોન્ચિંગ પહેલાં લીક થઈ, જાણો ફોન કયા ફીચર્સ અને સ્પેસિફિકેશન્સ સાથે લોન્ચ થશે


▪️BBR has been featured in top publications like Economic Times & Times of India for our unique & effective approach to learning English.

▪️BBR is an award-winning initiative by IIT, AIIMS & Columbia University & Imperial College of London alumni.

▪️It is backed by investors such as CIIE IIM Ahmedabad, Villgro Innovation Foundation, Titan Capital, and notable angel investors. You can read more about us in Economic Times.

*Results* 💯

We have over 50,000+ Students from all across the county learning and improving their English. 94% of parents reported an improvement in their children's grades after using Blackboard Radio. They say that this app has made an environment where the full family talks in English with each other

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