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Stunning / will run without a driver Bike: will stand even without a stand, if you don't believe, click and watch the video

Stunning / will run without a driver Bike: will stand even without a stand, if you don't believe, click and watch the video

Cars flying in the air, driverless cars and you will have seen or heard about many such unique vehicles. Have also heard about self balancing cars. This seems possible in four wheelers but have you heard of self balancing in two wheelers? Maybe some of us know about this bike that will be seen on the roads in the future! Indeed, Honda, a company that makes cars, bikes, etc., is preparing to bring such a bike to market, which will be controlled without a driver. The company also showed a glimpse of this self-balancing bike four years ago. However, she has yet to find her way down the road.

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Anthony J. James, CEO of Innovation and Growth at Trinity Consulting, Australia, recently shared a video of this on his LinkedIn profile. The video makes it clear that the bike itself stands without a stand. The bike is following him at morning signs. Suddenly once again the video of this bike coming under discussion is thrilling the bike lovers.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

વિડીયો નીચે આપેલ છે 

The bike was first seen at a consumer electronics show

A few years ago, this bike first appeared during a company showcase. In fact, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2017, Honda showcased bikes with ride-assisted technology (bike showcase).

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 It was said about this very different type of bike that this bike with Riding Assistant technology could be launched in the market soon. To date, however, Honda has not released further details about the bike

How does technology work?

This bike balances itself without the help of the rider. Not only that, if the rider commands the bike to follow, the bike automatically starts to ride behind the rider. This bike stands without a stand. Indeed, the fork in the bike enlarges the base of both its wheels, which keeps the bike in automatic balance.

Guess a robot-like system?

The technology of this bike is the same as that used by Honda in its Asimo robot. This system allows the bike to realize at what angle it can fall and in such a situation moving the bike in the opposite direction prevents it from falling. 

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This technique can work thousands of times per second and therefore the probability of the bike falling down becomes zero. The technology of this bike also improves the center of gravity for better balance.

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This unique bike of self riding attracted the attention of bike lovers all over the world in the year 2017. However, information about the manufacture and launch of this bike has not been shared on Honda's website. The website has information about the new model bikes, but this bike is not mentioned in that section. However, bike lovers are eagerly awaiting this. 

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