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Travels offices opened in slums in Surat, workers leave Uttar Pradesh-Bihar by filling an average of 15 buses daily

Lockdown rumors: Travels offices opened in slums in Surat, workers leave Uttar Pradesh-Bihar by filling an average of 15 buses daily

The frightened workers are sitting on the roof of the bus and leaving for home if they do not get a place in the bus.

Private bus drivers get Rs. Charging 1600 to 1800 rent

A large number of workers have started migrating in Surat following rumors that the lockdown will be re-imposed due to a major surge in the Koro case. Despite repeated assurances from the government and local bodies that the lockdown would not be enforced, workers are being sent to Uttar Pradesh-Bihar on an average of 15 buses a day, driven by rumors. Overnight travel booking counters have been set up in the workers' area to take advantage of the opportunity. On Monday, 14 buses carrying about 1,500 workers left for UP-Bihar. Private bus drivers charge workers Rs. Charging 1600 to 1800 rent. Travel operators say, 'The workers themselves are coming to us. They want to go to their village. What can we do about it? About 15 buses are going to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar every day. Police have also initiated proceedings against travel operators.

Until now there was a grocery store, now the
rumor that the second wave of travel office corona will lockdown has shocked most workers. So the train is not available, they are going back to the village in buses. Bhaskar's team reached there to find out this fact and saw that where there was a grocery shop till now, now a travel office has been started. Old travel manager Kuldeep Sahu says there used to be two booking centers here, but now there are more than 100. Here people are flocking to the village. Currently, people living in houses, Chinese lorries and huts are also involved in the travel trade.

Such ticket booking offices have been opened all over the workers' area in Surat. The hawkers, the people living in the slums have become booking agents overnight.

About 15 buses are plying daily from here. About 15 buses are plying daily from
Pandesara, Bhestan and Sachin areas of Surat to other states. In these buses people are ready to go to the village even sitting on the roof. Last year, people would go to the bus stand and wait all day for tickets and if there were not enough buses or tickets, they would be sent back. But this time, 15 buses are going to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar daily.

The workers are
returning home with their houses . These workers have also vacated the rented houses. They are packing all their belongings and taking them home. In addition, three people are ready to sit on one seat in the bus. "We did not intimidate anyone," bus operators said. They are going of their own free will. So we can't stop them.

Police action against illegal recovery from workers When
Bhaskar's team reached the travel administrators to buy tickets, they found out that they had to pay Rs. The fare was 800, which is now Rs. 1500 is being charged. Banda district's Rs. 900 fare hike to Rs. 1300 has fallen. In addition, Bihar's Rs. 1000 rent Rs. 2200 has fallen. Workers are also paying this amount because they do not get a ticket for two days even after paying. Travel agents say, take a ticket today, two days later the fare will still go up because, Corona's condition is worse. Police have so far registered cases against five travel agents in this regard. Police have also closed illegal travel counters. The police are going among the workers and announcing that, don't pay attention to the rumors. There is no lockdown here.

corporator Sudha Pandey has also reached out to various areas and started persuading people. He also warned of a complaint against the rumor monger. Apart from this, Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar and Tantra have also appealed that there is a lockdown rumor so you should not go home. Rakesh, a local here, says that people are afraid of lockdown so they are going to the village. About six buses are plying from one place to another every day.

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