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Useful readable post for all in the summer

Hello friends, summer has just arrived and it is very hot this year and this post is to be made to avoid the summer heat (hit wave) and share more and more. Below we have given you the solution. There are various ways to avoid a hit wave

I have given you step-by-step information here and also information in Gujarati and also tell the information of this post to your friends and other people and this year it is very hot and it will still be very hot.

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Below is the information for you to read in Gujarati

 Whether it is a daily routine of life or a special behavior like a student, a householder, a man or a woman, an employee.  

 Experience teaches us what is the result of expecting more than one's own strength. But how much does he understand from experience? And Ayurveda gives very detailed instructions to cultivate the wisdom to live life with such understanding.

The list of diseases such as heart disease caused by tension, stress, high blood pressure, emotional eating disorder, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, white spots on the skin, eczema is very long. So the way darkness cannot be erased. Light is enough to remove darkness. 

Experience achieved:

Chemical powder made from amla, Dhatriyasayan, Amalaki Rasayan, Chyavanprashavaleh with proper guidance can be used with a nature-friendly diet and vihar to help prevent possible diseases and aging problems.

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