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Video of forcible strength goes viral

 Video of forcible strength goes viral: Keshod's young tooth can lift 60 kg of seed and walk up to 100 meters

Video of Keshod's youth from Junagadh goes viral

This young tooth can lift a weight of 60 kg and walk up to 100 meters

The bike also has enough strength to lift the shoulder.

Stunning spectacular viral video

અહીંથી જુઓ વાઇરલ વિડીયો

It was his passion to enlist in the Army that gave him strength and hard work

Sagarbhai Chauhan, a young man from Keshod, can carry a seed bag weighing 60 kg and walk up to 100 meters. Sagarbhai enlisted in the army and wanted to serve the country and started regular practice, but by no means did this dream come true. Can lift and run comfortably up to 100 meters.

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Used in service instead of keeping money in pocket

The young man said that he also got money after lifting so much weight from his teeth. But instead of keeping that amount in their pockets, they are feeding the cows and doing service work.

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Only use potatoes in diet for 3 months

When I was preparing to go to the army, I used only potatoes in my diet for 3 months and nothing else was healthy.

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The bike also lifts

Sagar Bhai can easily lift any bike and carry it on his shoulders. However, he takes the general support of another person so that the bike does not fall down.

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