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Work News / LIC's policy is very special, there will be times of trouble, a lot of work, know all the information


Zindagi ke saath bhi, zindagi ke baad bhi, LIC's new plan has been prepared on the same idea. This has been taken into account in the Savings Plus Plan. Even if you are no longer in this world, your family will not be in trouble. If you are going to buy a policy for yourself then there is no other policy better than this.

Understand the savings plus plan


As the name suggests, LIC's new Savings Plus has a complete security concept with savings. If the policyholder dies before maturity in the policy, the victim's family will get financial help. The policy has the option of 'Some Assured on Death' option for single premium and limited premium payment 

Minimum Sum Assured of Rs. 1 lakh


The LIC will provide cover of at least Rs 1 lakh to the families of the victims after the year of the accident the policyholder dies. 

If the policyholder opts for more cover for Sum Assured on Death, his family will get the same financial help. In addition, you are also given your total amount as per the policy maturity rule. Under this, you have the advantage of buying this policy.

How to buy a policy


LIC's new policy can be purchased online through an authorized LIC agent or through LIC's website This is a non-linked, participating savings plan. According to LIC, the policy will be completed in 5 years. This policy is considered to be very good in terms of financial help in difficult times. This is why the policy is being liked by many consumers. It has been launched on March 15 and is getting good customers in its early days.

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