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15-day lockdown across Rajasthan

15-day lockdown across Rajasthan: The decision was taken by the government at midnight with a record 10 thousand cases coming in 24 hours; Dairy-grocery stores will be open until 5 p.m., May 3

Everything will be closed until May 3, except for essential services in the region.

Rajasthan received a record 10,000 patients in 24 hours, after which the government imposed a 15-day lockdown across the region at midnight. Everything will be closed until May 3, except for essential services in the region. 

The chaotic decision has halted important work for many as the government locked down the weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Some of the people's work has come to a standstill due to such a big lockdown without giving time, although the necessary services and necessary supplies will continue to be provided.

According to the new guidelines, food and beverages. Milk Dairy, grocery, market, fruit, vegetable, dairy and livestock related retail and wholesale shops will be open till 5 pm. He will have to give priority to home delivery. Only in special circumstances will the goods be sold from the shop.

Fruits and vegetables can be sold till 7 pm by ferry. The petrol pump will be open till 8 pm only. Public transport services will remain the same. Government ration shops will be open for seven days. All government offices will be closed except for departments connected with essential services. Work will remain the same in factories, all types of manufacturing units. MGNREGA work in villages will remain the same. NREGA workers will continue to get proper employment.

Close and ban apply to these services

Market, mall, shopping complex.
All government offices except essential services.
Mall, cinema, all religious place.
All educational institutions, coaching, library.
All kinds of public social, political, sports, entertainment, cultural, religious ceremonies.
Fairs, processions of any kind.
All workplaces, business establishments and markets except essentials.

No restrictions apply to these services

Offices attached to emergency and essential services
District Administration, Housing, Finance, Police, Prisons, Homeguard Control Room and War Room, Civil Security, Fire Brigade and Emergency Service. Public Transport, Disaster Management, Food and Civil Supplies, Municipal Corporation, Town Development, Electricity, Drinking Water, Telephone, Health, Family, Welfare, Medical.
Offices and institutions connected to the essential services of the Central Government will remain open, whose employees will have to show an ID card.
People coming and going at bus stands, railways, metro stations and airports will be allowed to come and go while presenting travel tickets.
Travelers arriving in the state will have to submit an RT-PCR report made 72 hours before the start of the journey.
Pregnant women and patients will be allowed to travel to and from the hospital.
Approval of all government and private hospitals and labs, all affiliated medical, paramedical and all types of staff and services
Food and beverage, grocery, mandi, fruit-vegetable, dairy and milk, livestock-linked retail and wholesale shops will remain open till 5 pm, with emphasis on home delivery arrangements as far as possible.
Vegetables, fruit carts, bicycle rickshaws, autorickshaws, mobile vans will be allowed to be sold till 7 pm.
The movement of heavy vehicles transporting goods within the interstate and within the state, loading and unloading of goods, employees working in it, dumps on national and state highways and vehicle repair shop will remain open.
Farmers will be able to come to the mandi premises and sell their crops. Farmers will be required to show the goods permission letter on arrival and the receipt or bill of goods sold at departure.
Government Ration (PDS) shops will be open daily without any leave.
People 45 years of age or older will be allowed to come and go for corona vaccine, showing an ID card.
Newspaper sellers will be allowed from 4 to 8 p.m. Media personnel will be allowed to come and go with ID card.
Weddings will be allowed, but no more than 50 people can be involved.
No more than 20 people are allowed at the funeral.
Pre-determined competitive exam takers will be allowed to come and go on showing the admission card.
Medical stores, shops related to medical devices will remain open.
Telecom, internet services, postal services, courier facilities, broadcasting and cable services, IT and IT related services will remain the same.
Banks, ATMs and insurance offices will be open for banking services, bank-insurance employees will be required to carry an ID card.
All essential items including food items, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment will be allowed to be distributed with the help of e-commerce.
Processed food, sweet shops and restaurants will be able to make home deliveries until 8 p.m. Only takeaways are allowed in restaurants and sweet shops.
Meals can be prepared and distributed at Indra Saroi till 8 pm.
In MGNREGA and other rural development schemes, workers will be allowed to go to work, work in MGNREGA will remain the same.
Services of retail and wholesale outlets related to petrol pumps, CNG, petroleum and gas are allowed to remain open till 8 pm.
Cold storage and warehousing services will remain the same.
Private security services will continue.
All industry and construction related units will be allowed to work. Orders have been issued to provide ID cards to workers and employees working in factories.

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