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2 corona patients die due to oxygen supply cut off at JP District Hospital, Bhopal

Respiratory system stops breathing:2 corona patients die due to oxygen supply cut off at JP District Hospital, Bhopal

The JP Hospital in Bhopal came up against gross negligence
"At half past one in the night, a patient was screaming in the ward," said the patient's son

The JP Hospital in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, has come up against gross negligence. Two patients died late Wednesday night in the Corona ward of JP Hospital here. Family members of the deceased allege that the oxygen supply was cut off at night, causing the patients to lose their lives.

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Ramrati Ahirwar, 50, who lost his life, was admitted to the ICU, while CB Meshram was admitted to a suspicious ward in Corona. Regarding the allegations, JP's civil surgeon Dr Rajesh Srivastava said the oxygen supply was not cut off. Both patients were in critical condition.

No inquiry has been ordered into the matter so far. Oxygen supply was cut off on 11 December 2020 in Hamidia's Korona ward due to a two-hour power outage; Three patients running on oxygen support then died one by one. 

The pain of the son, his own testimony; At half past one in the night a patient was screaming, the security did not let me in.
Ramrati's son Jivan told Bhaskar that 'when the mother was admitted to JP Hospital on March 28, she had a high fever. On March 29, his report came back positive. The mother was in good condition on Wednesday night. He talked to me, ate dahlias and slept. I stayed just outside the ward at night. At half past one in the night a patient in the ward was screaming loudly. I wanted to go to the ward then, but the security did not let me in. '

At 7 o'clock in the morning, the doctor called and said that the mother's condition is very bad, come and see. Inside the mother fell unconscious. We wanted to take the mother to another hospital, even brought her out, but the people in the hospitals called the police and we were not allowed to take the mother.

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Although the antigen report was negative, he lost his life.
Another deceased CB Meshram was admitted here by his family two days ago. He had pneumonia. According to hospital management, his corona was examined, but the antigen test was negative. An RT-PCR sample was taken and sent for investigation. He was being treated in the Corona Suspect Ward, where he died at about 3 a.m. Thursday, until a report is received.

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