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20 lakh devotees likely to throng the royal bath tomorrow; There was an uproar when 2000 people gathered in Tablighi Jamat

Will Aquarius become Corona's Super Spreader ?:20 lakh devotees likely to throng the royal bath tomorrow; There was an uproar when 2000 people gathered in Tablighi Jamat

The second wave of Corona is raining down the country; So with millions of people gathering at the Kumbh in Haridwar, it is believed that the fair could be a super spreader. The Mela administration estimates that about 1.5 lakh people are present in the Haridwar Kumbh Mela area at present, but according to the administration, the crowd could reach 20 to 25 lakh on the day of the royal bath on April 14, while 1,334 cases of transition have occurred in Uttarakhand in the last 24 hours. Produced. There are currently 7,846 active cases of corona in the region.

The local administration itself believes that the two-yard distance at the fair and the corona protocol like masks are becoming difficult to follow. This is almost impossible during the royal bath. Corona infections can spread very quickly. Officials are believing things like Super Spreader, but they have no plans to stop it. As the crowd at Kumbh Mela grows, so does the discussion on social media that last year only 2,000 people gathered at the Tablighi Jamat event in Delhi, which was considered a super spreader, but silence is being maintained over Kumbh Mela.

This is the old arena camp in Kumbh. Except for a few people here, no masks were seen.

It is not possible to observe a distance of two yards.
Divya Bhaskar Uttarakhand DGP Ashok Kumar spoke about this. "It is not possible to follow the guidelines in a crowd of millions. We tried to follow the guidelines till April 9-10, but as the crowd grows, it is becoming difficult to follow the two-yard distance," he said. The DGP's words show both the extent and coercion of the administration. He further adjusted his statement that on April 11, 53,000 people who came to Aquarius underwent coronary tests and only 1.5% i.e. 500-550 people tested positive. Infected people have been sent to hospitals and quarantine centers.

Fair official Deepak Rawat claims that Kumbh has a tight system, but also believes that it is not entirely possible to observe a distance of two yards. "People are conscious, we have also opened a care center in Corona," Rawat said. There are 96 beds here. People are constantly being appealed to follow the guidelines.

So far 45 people have been admitted to the fair’s Corona Center. 8 patients have been admitted in the last 24 hours only. All of these suffer from a serious transition. Is there any way to stop the transition to Aquarius crowd? Those responsible for that question blame the monks' isolation.

Uttarakhand government spokesperson Subodh Uniyal says, "You know the monks, it is not possible to stop them." The government does whatever it can. So Gajendragiri, the Naga sadhu of the old akhada in Kumbh, says that the sadhu-saint is Algari, no one's instructions follow him. Kamlesh, a priest from Haridwar, said it was good that some people wore masks, but it was not possible to follow the two-yard distance. Now even the administration says nothing.

The administration has also enlisted the help of RSS volunteers to adhere to Corona's guidelines. Among the RSS activists also 2 people came positive.

On April 3, Inspector General of Police, Kumbh Mela, Sanjay Gunjyal wrote a letter to the Union Administrator seeking help from the union volunteers to help control congestion and vehicular traffic at the fair. In his letter, he appealed to union workers to come to our aid in the challenging environment of Corona. Anil Mishra, an activist of Tehenat Sangh at the fair, said that our activists are doing a 12-hour shift to control vehicle traffic and congestion. Corona infection has also been confirmed in 2 people so far.

Nishan on Tablighi Jamat, why silence on Kumbh?
Hundreds of pictures of the crowd seen in Aquarius are being shared on social media. People are asking that on March 10-12 last year, people from the government to the public were targeted at a gathering at the Nizamuddin Center in Delhi. They were called super spreaders. Fewer than 2,000 people gathered at the Tablighi event, while millions gather at Aquarius, ignoring public guidelines for Corona, but no one wants to talk about it further.

Last year, hundreds of people were found infected at a Tablighi Jamaat event in Delhi's Nizamuddin, sparking a nationwide uproar and the whole affair was seen as sectarian.

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Himal Akhtar, a member of the Waqf Board in Delhi, said the last time the Tablighi Jamaat was accused of spreading corona, it was false. People came here before Corona's case escalated. Suddenly the traffic stopped and people started running away as they had no previous experience, but this time there is also experience. There are so many people gathering in Aquarius, won't Corona get there? Won't people go to different states after Aquarius? Was Tablighi Jamat the corona spreader?

Aslam Sheikh, the garment minister in the Maharashtra government, has also raised questions on social media. He wrote that when the Tablighi Jamaat people had a program last year, those people were very much maligned. They were considered to be the ones who spread the Koro infection. Where did those people go now? Everyone is watching what is happening in Aquarius.

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