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4.50 crore loss in last 15 days due to closure of AMTS and BRTS buses

Big loss to AMC:4.50 crore loss in last 15 days due to closure of AMTS and BRTS buses

It was the turn of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to suffer huge losses

AMTS due to Corona Rs. It has suffered a loss of Rs 300 crore this year and will have to suffer even more
Bringing a daily income of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 15 lakh will now take 2 more months

The AMTS and BRTS bus service was started by the municipal corporation with 50 per cent buses and passengers unlocked after the lockdown due to corona cases in the state, a month after all the buses were run and an attempt was being made to make up for the loss during the lockdown.

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 However, AMTS and BRTS were shut down from March 18 to curb the second wave of corona in the state, so that the municipal corporation could get Rs. It is time to suffer a big loss as the revenue of Rs 30 lakh has been cut off. In the last 15 days, the corporation has lost Rs 4.50 crore on a daily basis of Rs 30 lakh.

People in the city suffered greatly when buses stopped.

Big loss to AMC due to Corona
According to AMTS and BRTS officials, daily revenue of AMTS ranges from Rs 16 lakh to Rs 17 lakh and BRTS costs Rs. Revenue of Rs 13 lakh was reached. However, due to Corona again, the revenue has stopped due to the closure of these buses. 

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According to an AMTS official, 50 per cent of unlocked buses ran in the city, which was gradually increased. 20 thousand, 50 thousand, 2 lakh daily and Rs. Revenue ranged from Rs 16 lakh to Rs 17 lakh. However, in addition to the daily passenger income, the salaries of the employees are still in the expenses. Rs. It is the turn of AMTS to suffer a loss of Rs 300 crore.

Contractors were also paid fare during the lockdown. Even in
BRTS buses, after unlocking, there was no revenue due to low number of passengers in the buses. However, later the number of passengers in the buses increased to Rs. Revenue reached Rs 13 lakh.

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 However, with the closure of buses, the revenue has also stopped, which is causing huge losses to AMC. Contractors will also have to pay the fare for the number of days when the buses will be closed during the lockdown, so there is a good chance that the losses will increase.

Rickshaw pullers are charging exorbitant fares from the people.

Although close to bus traffic problem persists
March 18 has been closed in the city BRTS and AMTS bus, so BRTS bus routes and the roads are closed. With the closure of BRTS buses, people in the city have used other vehicles for transportation, hence the number of other vehicles has increased. Earlier when BRTS and AMTS bus service was running, there was traffic jam, but now BRTS / AMTS buses are closed but the problem of traffic jam is still there.

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Rickshaw drivers start robbing when buses stop AMTS and BRTS stop robbing rickshaw pullers too. Some rickshaw pullers are taking advantage of the closure of buses to rob passengers. Asking for two to three times the rent than usual. People are paying exorbitant fares to rickshaw pullers as they have no other option to go to work. While rickshaw pullers are carrying more than three passengers, people are also questioning whether the corona will not spread.

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