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Americans were surprised to see a robot dog with armed police; Police will use a robot equipped with artificial intelligence as a weapon

Babal on dog-like robot issue: Americans were surprised to see a robot dog with armed police; Police will use a robot equipped with artificial intelligence as a weapon

This robot dog is equipped with 360 degree camera, thermal camera, gas sensor, radiation sensor or laser scanner.
Police will soon use this robot dog as a weapon

A convoy of police officers was seen pulling a man out of a residential building in Manhattan, New York, on April 12. The man had a gun and was hiding in an apartment with a woman and her child. So far so good for Americans, but after that, what came out of the building shook the whole of America. Indeed, a robot dog with this police convoy came out on its four legs. He was moving away from people and vehicles like a trend police dog. The scene was like a sci-fi movie.

People were amazed to see this robot dog weighing about 33 kg. Equipped with cameras, communication systems and artificial intelligence, people say the robot is a symbol of the growing power of the police. The police will soon use it as a weapon. Especially black people (those who are not white) against them.

So let's first look at the pictures to see what a robot dog is ...

Robot Dog coming out with a Manhattan police convoy. He is accompanied by policemen who communicate remotely.

Defend Police Campaign After Floyd's Assassination After the
death of Black George Floyd in May 2020 due to police sabotage, a campaign is underway in the United States to reduce the cost of "Defend Police". The campaign aims to reduce spending on police by spending the money on social projects.

This robot dog runs like artificial intelligence on bumpy rough roads. It is equipped with a remote talking device, camera and scanner.

The Robot Dog works on its four legs through a variety of scanners. Equipment weighing 14 kg can be mounted on it separately.

This robot dog can easily climb stairs due to artificial intelligence. He can quickly calculate and choose the best way for himself.

Operators can quickly download data from robot dog cameras and sensors from a distance. It can be operated by a tablet.

The company that makes Robot Dog has made two models of it. The company claims that there are about 500 such robot dogs working in the world.

This is the charging unit of the Robot Dog. One model comes with a rechargeable battery, while the other model charges itself by going into the charging unit.

Price 55 lakh, weight 30 kg

The price of this robot dog is 74 thousand dollars, which is about 55 lakh rupees.
It weighs about 66 pounds, or 30 kilograms.
It can carry up to 14 kg of luggage.
It can run at a speed of three and a half miles per hour i.e. about 5.6 km / h.

Communication with each other.

With an intuitive tablet application and a built-in stereo camera it can be controlled remotely.
Robot Dog Spot can store unlimited data via Wi-Fi.
When there is more than one, that robot dog can also communicate with each other.

The way he chooses with artificial intelligence.

Rough roads or stairs. Whether a multi-place building, this is decided by scanning all the roads by artificial intelligence.
This robot can reach the target by choosing its own path for dog inspection.
CDs can go up and down.
Can open the door.
Can also dance.

Equipped with camera, thermal imager, gas-radiation or laser sensor

This robot dog can be equipped with a 360 degree camera, thermal camera, gas sensor, radiation sensor or laser scanner.
It can also detect water, gas, unusual noises, cold or hot objects or the atmosphere, radiation.
This robot dog can be used to interview anyone from a distance. Such as- from the kidnapper.

The company created two models - Explorer and Enterprise

Its maker Boston Dynamics has launched two models - Explorer and Enterprise.
Explorer can carry out missions from a distance of 1000 meters, there is no limit for the enterprise.
Dock can be offloaded via Ethernet only during an enterprise mission. So much so that the police can read his data from a distance.

Dog while advancing toward me grew so nervous
he went to the apartment bildingama police saw the Robot Dog, has all the most recent stop in a tenant association president Melanie ausole said that when police arrived at the robot dogane to evacuate armed men. My body also started trembling with fear when that dog started coming towards me.

Will eventually be used as a weapon The
American Civil Liberties Union says that without proper regulation, devices that rely on remote control and artificial intelligence will ultimately make decisions that will strengthen police discrimination. The union says this could also jeopardize citizens' privacy. Such devices will eventually be used as weapons.

Danger for Black-Latin Citizens
Democrat candidate for mayor in New York Maya Wiley has slammed police for using the robot, saying it is a waste of money and a threat to New Yorkers. He says 70 70 million should be used to protect people from lead poisoning. New York is now a one-sided threat to blacks and Latinos.

Bill passed against New York police The New
York City Council passed the bill last summer, forcing the New York Police Department (NYPD) to disclose its surveillance equipment. The NYPD is the most advanced in America and has the presence of state-of-the-art license plate readers, cell-phone trackers and drones.

500 Dog robot in the world, have the police
is 500 Robot Dog Robot Dog is a worldwide manufacturer Boston Dynamics EO says Michael Perry. Most of these are being used for construction or for commercial sites where humans may be at risk.

The company let kahyum robot not to abuse

the police department in the world say that Michael Perry is a robotic dog. In addition to New York, the Massachusetts State Police, the Honolulu Police Department and the Netherlands Police have purchased this robot dog. "We are absolutely certain that our robot will not be used in any way that could harm people," he said.

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