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Bad weather in Chaitra in Bhachau of Kutch, roads in rural areas were flooded with thunderstorms.

Seasonal rainfall: Bad weather in Chaitra in Bhachau of Kutch, roads in rural areas were flooded with thunderstorms.

In Bhachau taluka of Kutch, unseasonal rains with hail

It rained with hail in the villages of the riparian area

For some time now, unseasonal rains and mild tremors have been rampant in Vagad, which is Corona's abode. In the afternoon, the weather changed abruptly in the thorny villages of Bhachau taluka and there was an unseasonal rainfall of one and a half inches with strong winds and hail. Villages including Adesar, Gagodar and Kanmer in Rapar taluka also received unseasonal rains. Farmers and herdsmen expressed fears of losses following the unpredictable rains. Three mild tremors were reported in Rapar and Bhachau districts as the ground was shaking above and below.

Villages including Samkhiyali, Chhadwara, Amaliyara, Jangi, Wadhiya, Godpar, Modpar, Lakhasari, Laghdhirgarh, Nava Kataria, Shikarpur, Naransari, Navagam, Surajbari of Kantha belt of Bhachau taluka felt scorching heat in the afternoon and at five o'clock in the evening. It rained about an inch and a half with hail. The strong winds blew leaves from houses in some villages and knocked down trees.

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The hailstorm also hit Lakadia. Adesar in Rapar taluka experienced three seasons of cold last night, heat during the day and gusts in the evening. It rained with strong winds in Gagodar, Kanmer and surrounding areas. Trees collapsed in several places. The possibility of complete destruction of grass fodder in the borders and forests due to unseasonal rains has raised concerns among the pastoralists. It was found that filling water in salt agars would reduce production by 25 per cent. Vagad, on the other hand, was experiencing tremors for the third day in a row and 5 more mild tremors were recorded on Friday.

After 5 tremors in one day on Thursday, at 2.10 pm, 10 km from Bhachau. Distance 1.4, at 7.35 am on Friday at a distance of 21 km from Dudhai in north-north-west direction at 1.6, at 8.44 am 11 km from Rapar. 2.4 in the far west-south-west direction, 7 km from Bhachau at 9.12 am, 2.2 km in the north-north-east direction and 27 km from Dudhai at 10.41 am. The quake struck in the far north-northeast with a magnitude of 2.3.

In the month of Chaitra, the people were amazed by the unsatisfactory atmosphere

Heavy rains lashed the streets in
Bhachau today, followed by thundershowers in the evening. The first was a normal gust. But, after an hour-long break, the streets were flooded with rain with thunder. Electricity was also cut off in the area due to heavy rains along with strong winds.

Heavy rains caused water to flow on the roads

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it rained with hail in many areas , on the other hand, there have been reports of hail with non- seasonal rains in the riparian areas of Bhachau taluka. Jangi village was hit by heavy winds and thunderstorms with hail at 5.30 pm. Jangi village sarpanch Ranchod Kana and BJP leader Shermamad Rauma said that it rained with hail in the village today. The villagers feared that the disease would spread due to unseasonal rains in the midst of the Koro epidemic.

Hail fell with rain in many villages of the riparian area

Fearing damage to horticultural crops , the road between Liliana, Vavadhiya and Ramdevpeer Samakhiyali on the national highway in the area was also flooded again due to heavy rains. In Bhachau taluka, amidst scorching heat, a sudden change in the weather in the afternoon made people think.

Castor palalya yards Bhachav held in the open market
after the afternoon Bhachav varasela has been forced to suffer losses due to hailstorm traders Bhachav Marketing Yard. It is estimated that millions of rupees have been lost due to unseasonal rains.

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The heat has
subsided , but will increase from Sunday. For the last three or four days, Kutch has been relieved from the heat wave. The maximum was recorded at 38.2 degrees at Bhuj, 37.8 degrees at Kandla Airport, 36.1 degrees at Kandla Port and 34 degrees at Naliya on Friday. Most of the district experienced late night chills with a minimum of 24 degrees. According to the Meteorological Department's list, the heat wave eased on Saturday. High temperatures are likely to raise mercury two to three degrees.

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village was blown away by the storm in Lakdiya. The village was hit by unseasonal rains in the evening and the wind speed was very strong due to which the leaves of the sheds were blown away in the quarters of the railway station. Amidst the epidemic, life was disrupted by natural calamities as well as silence in the village due to unseasonal rains has increased the world's worries.

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