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Benefit deal / earn Rs.5000 per month by depositing only Rs.7, you will get only benefit in this government scheme

 Benefit deal / earn Rs.5000 per month by depositing only Rs.7, you will get only benefit in this government scheme

Have you ever thought that if you save only 7 rupees a day, you will earn at least 5000 rupees per month? No no This may sound like a dream or some throw news to you, but this is a fact. You don't have to do anything for this. In the Atal Pension Scheme (also known as APY) started by the government, only Rs. 7 per day is to be saved and deposited. After this, when you reach retirement age, you will get at least Rs.5000 per month. Let's understand the fund of APY, from which you will get a lot of money for only 7 rupees.

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What is Atal Pension Plan

Before investing in a plan, it is very important to understand what is an APY or Atal Pension Plan, which is much discussed. So indeed, the Atal Pension Scheme is a Guaranteed Scheme of the Central Government, administered by the PFRDA i.e. the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority of India. The scheme is primarily for unorganized sector workers who have no fixed source of income. Such unorganized sector workers include rickshaw pullers, lorries, retailers, construction workers, brick kiln workers, porters, etc. The central government has started this scheme with the idea of ​​giving pension to such people after retirement i.e. in old age. Through this scheme, the central government guarantees pension to such people.

How will you benefit?

Now the second question is if a person working in the unorganized sector wants to take advantage of the Atal Pension Scheme, how will he take advantage of it and who is eligible for it? The answer is that you must be at least 18 and at most 40 years of age to avail of the Atal Pension Plan. Under this scheme money has to be deposited for at least 20 years. To avail the Atal Pension Scheme, you must have a bank account linked to Aadhaar Card. Under the Atal Pension Scheme, you can be entitled to a pension by depositing less money every month.


What is the minimum deposit required?

Now you can also ask the third important question how much money can you deposit in this scheme? The answer is that there is a rule to deposit at least Rs.1000 to Rs.5000 per month in Atal Pension Scheme. People between the ages of 18 and 40 can join the scheme. The scheme has different deposit rules for people of different ages.

How to get 5000 rupees a day for 7 rupees

Benefit to 18 year olds: How can you save at least Rs 5000 by saving Rs 7 per day? So understand this too. Now suppose you are 18 years old and you want to deposit money in this scheme, to get Rs.5000 per month, you only have to deposit Rs.210 per month. This means you have to save only 7 rupees per day. Now if you deposit Rs 210 in a month, you will deposit Rs 2520 in a year and when you deposit for 42 consecutive years, the total deposit will be Rs 1,05,840. After depositing this amount of money, when you turn 60, you will get a pension of Rs. 5000 per month.


Benefit to 30 year olds: Second, if a man is 30 years old now, he will have to deposit Rs 577 per month. A person of this age will deposit Rs 6924 in one year and he will deposit Rs 2,07,720 in the next 30 years. When a 30-year-old man reaches the age of 60, he will also get a pension of Rs 5,000 per month.

Benefit to 39 year olds: Third, now a man is 39 years old and he also wants to deposit money in this scheme, then he will have to deposit Rs 1318 per month. The 39-year-old will deposit Rs 15,816 in one year and Rs 33,2136 in the next 21 years. After reaching the age of 60, he will also get a pension of Rs 5,000 per month.

How to apply in corona epidemic?

Any citizen of India between the ages of 18 and 40 can avail the benefit of Atal Pension Scheme. To avail the benefits of this scheme, applicants can submit an online application. In the Corona epidemic, you can also apply for this plan through the ‘Umang’ app on your smartphone. For this plan you have to deposit a small amount every month. The applicant is given a pension on the same basis.

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