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Corona Rajkot LIVE

In Rajkot, 77 patients died in 24 hours, 379 cases were reported by noon, 1 case every 2 minutes, 5 patients die every 2 hours.

5029 patients under treatment in different hospitals of the city
Sahadevsinh Gohil, stand in-charge of Rajkot ST bus port, passed away at Corona

Corona's condition is getting worse day by day in Rajkot. One case is being reported every two minutes in the city and 5 patients are dying every two hours. As of this afternoon, 379 cases have been reported. The total number of cases in the city so far has reached 28,525. Currently 5029 patients are under treatment in different hospitals. Yesterday, 531 patients were discharged from the corona. In Rajkot, 77 patients have died in 24 hours, though the final decision will be taken by the Death Audit Committee. Yesterday, 66 patients died, of which 14 died from covid, according to a report by the Death Audit Committee.

The government does not provide oxygen to private hospitals - Hemang Vasavada
Region Congress leader Dr Hemang Vasavada said that the government does not provide oxygen to private hospitals. No oxygen for the last 3 to 4 days. The district collector also said that oxygen is scarce. Private hospitals will have to close if the government does not get enough oxygen. The same number of private hospitals currently run. No more quantity is given. The government arranges for a private hospital.

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ST bus port stand in-charge Sahadevsinh Gohil dies from corona
Rajkot ST bus port stand in-charge Sahadevsinh Gohil has died from corona. Sahadev Singh has been undergoing treatment for corona for the last 20 days, so the wave of anxiety among the employees of Rajkot ST department has returned.

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Coronavirus has re-emerged in Rajkot district on Tuesday with 850 cases reported and set a new record. A total of 850 new cases were filed on Tuesday, including 764 in the city and 86 in rural areas. As of Tuesday morning, 66 patients had died during treatment in the last 24 hours. 850 new cases and 66 deaths means one case every two minutes in Rajkot while 5 patients die every two hours. At present the number of active patients is 5617, while the total number of beds in Rajkot is barely 3500. There is not a single vacancy for a single bed at Civil Hospital and Samaras Hospital, so long queues of patients have formed at Civil Hospital.

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150 out of 800 patients in
Civil are on ventilators 150 out of 800 patients in Civil are on ventilators, while the entire 756 beds in Samaras Hospital are full. Work is still underway to increase the number of beds to 200, so that the total capacity will exceed 900.

 On the other hand, the hospital being set up at Saurashtra University will start admitting patients from tomorrow, so that it will get 350 more beds in phases. At present a total of 37174 cases have been registered including 28146 in Rajkot city and 9028 in rural areas.

Those who test positive there have to go to a health center or a hospital for further check-ups and medication, but the MNP has now assigned a medical officer to each testing booth. The person who comes positive at the booth will be checked there and will be asked to go to the hospital if necessary, otherwise home isolation will be done by giving medicine on the spot.

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