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Eclipse:9,000 marriages stalled in Surat, loss of Rs 200 crore to event management companies, 30,000 unemployed

Eclipse:9,000 marriages stalled in Surat, loss of Rs 200 crore to event management companies, 30,000 unemployed

The people involved are directly affected by the cancellation of the marriage ceremony.

Moments of marriage from April to December have been postponed

Corona's transition has also caused an eclipse in the marriage. 9 thousand marriages have been postponed in Surat district. So the management agencies have lost about Rs 200 crore. If the situation remains the same till November, the loss could be as high as Rs 500 crore. As many as 30,000 people have lost their jobs since the wedding was postponed.

Loss of Rs 650 crore in
South Gujarat 20,000 weddings organized by Event Industry in South Gujarat have been postponed. So the event management agencies have lost Rs 650 crore. People are postponing the wedding until June because of Corona. As many as 30,000 people involved in the event industries have lost their jobs, including those involved in event managers, catering, bands and other wedding-related services. Many exhibitions start in June. If the situation remains the same due to Corona, a loss of Rs 500 crore is expected by November.

Questions have been raised about the cancellation of the wedding.

"There are barely two calls right now
," said Gaurav Jariwala. But a large number of people are involved. All of these people have different jobs. The condition of these industries has deteriorated due to corona and night curfew. No one pays enough attention to these industries. 

If the government does not think about these industries in time, the condition of the people associated with these industries will deteriorate. Earlier 10 calls came from different events but now there are barely two calls.

Corona's transition has had a direct impact on weddings.

Many businesses have had to change his
secretary Prakash elephant in South Gujarat Events Management Association, said recently was forced to endure a lot of harm. The big wedding has been canceled. It is also difficult to deduct costs in small to large weddings. There is confusion about what to do with the advance. After the last lockdown, the vehicle overturned. There is the same situation again. Many people have left the business and started a sanitizer and tea snack shop.

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