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Every problem related to support will now be removed with just one call, UIDAI revealed the helpline number

Aadhaar card holders relief: Every problem related to support will now be removed with just one call, UIDAI revealed the helpline number

You can solve all your problems by dialing 1947 number
This number is available in 12 languages

If you have any problem related to support then you can fix it by just dialing a number. Aadhaar card holders have many problems related to Aadhaar, for which you can now solve all your problems by dialing 1947 number. UIDAI tweeted information about this number. This number can help you in 12 languages.

UIDAI tweeted
UIDAI tweeted that now all the issues related to support will be removed on a single phone call. The Aadhaar Helpline 1947 is available in 12 languages ​​- Hindi, English, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, Bengali, Assamese and Urdu. On # Dial1947ForAadhaar you can communicate in the language of your choice.

Number released by
UIDAI This number has been released by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). This helpline number is 1947. This number is also easy to remember, as this is the year when the country became independent.

This 1947 number is charge free, available 24 hours a day on IVRS mode throughout the year. In addition call center representatives are available for this facility from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Monday to Saturday). As well as on Sundays the delegate is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This helpline number provides information to the people about Aadhaar registration centers, status of Aadhaar number after registration and other Aadhaar related information. Except if someone's Aadhaar card is lost or not yet received by post, information can be retrieved using this feature.

This is how to make PVC support -

For new Aadhaar PVC card you need to visit UIDAI website.
Go to 'My Aadhaar' section here and click on 'Order Aadhaar PVC Card'.
Then you enter your base 12 digit number or 16 digit virtual ID or 28 digit base enrollment EID.
Now you fill in the security code or captcha and click on Send OTP for OTP.
Then enter the OTP on the registered mobile.
You will now have a preview of the Aadhaar PVC card.
Then click on the payment option given below
Then the payment page will open, here you have to deposit a fee of Rs 50.
After making the payment, the order process of your Aadhaar PVC card will be completed.

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