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Freedom from the mask even in Israel when we crave for oxygen, how did this miracle come about?

Israel defeats Corona:  Freedom from the mask even in Israel when we crave for oxygen, how did this miracle come about?

Accelerate first testing, second treatment and third lockdown vaccination system by implementing three lockdowns
Eighty percent of citizens over the age of 18 are now vaccinated and walking around in public without a mask.

At a time when the whole world is feeling helpless against the Corona epidemic, Israel has become the first country to move towards Corona-free. Large numbers of people took to the open air to breathe a sigh of relief after Israel made it a habit to wear masks in public last Sunday. The whole world had seen such cheerful scenes for a very long time. In addition to the rapid treatment system and the super fast vaccination program, Israel has succeeded in defeating the Corona with a strategy to speed up the treatment facility by implementing timely lockdowns.

Unique strategy, working mechanism
The first case of Corona was reported on February 21 last year, with Israel devising a strategy to keep the death toll from the epidemic to a minimum. The number of beds in the working hospital was increased and remote areas were also covered by the mobile hospital. By setting up 10 testing centers per 10,000 population, the model of rapid testing, rapid treatment was made successful, enabling Israel to control the situation from the very beginning of the transition.

Effective use of lockdowns
per year compared to total land in Israel, which has a population of 93 million. Km. The population density is very high, as much of the country is barren and uninhabitable, so the first case was reported to avoid the risk of a transition, and Israel took some drastic measures.

All kinds of social, religious, political gatherings or processions were controlled across the country.
No more than 10 people were urged to gather under any circumstances.
Israel was among the top 10 countries to adopt online education by closing down educational institutions.
There was an immediate increase in hospital services during the lockdown.
A mobile hospital has been set up to provide treatment to the hinterland.
Testing centers were added during the first lockdown. Mobile hospitals rushed across the country during the second lockdown.
The structure of the vaccination program was prepared during the third lockdown implemented this year.

Use of monoclonal therapy
Scientists at the Israel Institute of Biological Research (IIBR) conducted rapid research on vaccine formulas, corona resistant drugs, as well as monoclonal antibody therapy, which yielded positive results in clinical trials. This therapy will be briefly understood as follows.

A person who has had a coronavirus in their body but still has no symptoms of the disease is called asymptomatic in medical terms.
An asymptomatic person is called a coronary carrier because he or she does not have corona symptoms himself or herself but is able to infect others with corona.
This is the natural order of the human body, in which the body immediately produces antibodies as a protective reaction against any foreign substance (antigen) entering the body and begins to try to reject the foreign substance.
Such antibodies are also produced in the body of the corona carrier.
Antibodies produced in a single type of organ in the body are called monoclonal antibodies. Called polyclonal antibodies produced in various organs.
The introduction of monoclonal antibodies into a patient's body begins to produce a chain of protection against the coronavirus in the sick person's body, and the drug also receives a rapid as well as a positive response.

The mobile hospital with specially designed oxygen beds made treatment available to all corners of the country.

Unique Traffic Light Plan
Israel's Leading Critical Care Specialist Dr. According to Ronnie Gemzu's proposal, the government divided the entire country into different color codes of traffic signals based on the number of corona transitions, the speed of transmission and the death toll. He then intensified the treatment system by applying the most control measures in the red zone with the highest transition. Due to this plan, the constant load on health services across the country could be stopped. This trafficlight plan was later adopted by European countries as well.

Rapid vaccination covered 80 per cent of the country's adult population in four phases.

Israel was the fourth largest buyer of the vaccine after the World Health Organization (WHO) approved the Pfizer vaccine, a super fast vaccine by the American company, after the United States, Britain and Canada. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has formed a national immunization committee of the country's top doctors, management experts. Vaccination was introduced in the country under the direct supervision of this committee.
Initially, senior citizens like India and those with serious illnesses were vaccinated. Then the age group of 40 to 60 who need to get out of the house the most is also covered. Achieved the goal of vaccinating 25 to 30 percent of citizens over the age of 18 every month for three consecutive months, leaving more than 5 million people in Israel, with a population of 93 million, vaccinated today. The number of new infections is steadily declining.

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