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From June 1, jewelers will be able to sell only hallmarked gold jewelery, find out what will happen to your old jewelery

Edit: From June 1, jewelers will be able to sell only hallmarked gold jewelery, find out what will happen to your old jewelery

The government is preparing to make hallmarking of gold jewelery mandatory from June 1, 2021. Earlier, this was to come into effect from January 1, 2021. But at the demand of jewelers and associations it was postponed for the next 6 months. So now from June 1 you will get jewelry with Hallmark. The government made hallmarking mandatory for gold jewelery and design in November 2019.

For this, all the jewelers in the country had given more than 1 year to shift to hallmarking and get registered in Bureau of India Standards (BIS). The jewelers later demanded an extension. With that in mind the deadline has been set from 15 January to 1 June 2021. So far, 34,647 jewelers in the country have registered with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for hallmarking.

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What if you have gold without hallmarking?
Gold without hallmarking can be exchanged even after June 1, 2021. Apart from this, you can have your gold hallmarked by your jeweler if you wish. According to case expert Sanjay Mandot, BIS issues the license to jewelers for a five-year license fee of Rs 11,250. The jewelers then inspect the jewelery at the Hallmark Center and issue a hallmark in carats.

The common man cannot go directly to the center and put a hallmark on old jewelery. He has to get this done only by the concerned jeweler. However, he can check the purity of gold in the center by paying a minimum amount.

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If the rule is not valid can be sentenced to 1 year
in accordance with pass last year, the BIS Act, hallmarking rules todanaraone minimum fine of Rs 1 lakh fine and punishment of one year.

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Why is hallmarking necessary?
Hallmarking is essential to protect consumers from counterfeit jewelry and to monitor the jewelry business. The advantage of hallmarking is that no depreciation cost is deducted when you go to sell it. That means you will be able to get the right price of gold. Gold goes through many stages in hallmarking. In such a case, there is no possibility of disturbing its purity.

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Gold hallmarking will be done by BIS in this way.
Jewelery weighing more than 2 grams will have to be inspected by a BIS approved center and a BIS mark of the relevant carat will be affixed on it. The jewelery will have BIS triangular mark, Hallmarking Center logo, purity of gold. In addition, there will be the year when the jewelry was made and the jeweler's logo.

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Only 14, 18 and 22 carat jewelery will be hallmarked.
14 Carat Gold Jewelry - Contains 58.50% Gold.
18 Carat Gold Jewelry - Contains 75% Gold.
22 Carat Gold Jewelry - Contains 91.60% Gold.

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What is hallmarking?
Hallmarking is a government guarantee. Hallmark is the only agency in India to be awarded the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). In hallmarking, a product is certified to a set of criteria. BIS is an organization that examines the gold that is made available to customers. It is necessary to place the BIS logo with a hallmark on gold coins or jewelry. This shows that its accuracy has been tested in a BIS licensed lab.

24 carat gold is 99.9% pure.
Gold purity is in carats. 24 carat gold is considered to be the purest gold. But its jewelry is not made because, it is very soft. 22 carat gold is commonly used to make jewelry, which contains 91.66% gold.

Understand the mathematics of the purity of gold this way
1 carat gold means 1/24% gold. If your jewelry is 22 carats, divide 22 by 24 and multiply it by 100. (22/24) x100 = 91.6. That means the purity of the gold used in your jewelry is 91.66%.

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