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Gagar fight broke out between two women in a water circle, hair pulled, went viral on social media Video

You've always seen two people fighting. Or you may have seen them firing like action movies. But something different will be seen in a video that is going viral on the internet. Two women clash on social media.

 But at that time she is not hitting with her hands but with a pot of water. However, watching the video, it will be clear that the quarrel between the two women is over water.

The women did the Gagar War

If you have watched the video carefully, you will be shocked as to why these women are fighting with gags instead of hands. 

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

So it is because of this Gagar war that this video is going very viral on social media in the name of Gagar Fight. The quarrel between the two women over filling the water escalated to the point that they first hit each other with a gag and then started quarreling by pulling each other's hair.

Fighting over water

After seeing such a fight, you too will laugh and regret that India is facing such problems due to water scarcity. In summer, there is always a shortage of water in North India. The Rajasthan region is facing more problems for water. This is also the reason why people should save water. So that the needy get water.

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