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Get A Driving License At Home


A driving permit is a significant verification for anybody and a driving permit is obligatory for you on the off chance that you are driving any kind of vehicle. Most people at this time work from home, either at home or in the office.

In such a situation, there is a great opportunity for them to get a driving license, but a learning license is required before a driving license. Let us show you how to apply for an online education license.

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First of all, let us inform you that for a learning license you will need a passport size photograph, a standard 10 certificate to confirm the date of birth.

Aside from this, you ought to have apportioned card, citizen card, Aadhaar card, power bill or water charge, any of these papers. It is better that you use the Aadhaar card, however, due to the downtime and transitions, many states have a ban on testing for licenses, then first get information about your state's rule, then apply.

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Open this link in the browser of your phone or laptop. Then select your state and then click on the New Learning License option from the option shown on the left. However, in some states like Madhya Pradesh, it is not allowed at all. The license has been created for in Madhya Pradesh.

After this, a new page will open in front of you, which will contain some guidelines, click on the current option to read it. After this, the new page will reopen, and click on the submit option.

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The license application page will now open when you ask the RTO for information such as your name, full home address, blood group, date of birth, place of birth, mobile number, any imprint on the body for distinguishing proof, etc. After this, you also have to say which vehicle you want to get a license for.

To apply:

After this, submit the application fee and take note of the application number. After this, you will get a test date and if successful, your learning license will be created. After learning, you have to apply for a driving license.

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