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How safe is the mask:Wear a clothing mask over a surgical mask, double masking is the easiest way to avoid corona

How safe is the mask:Wear a clothing mask over a surgical mask, double masking is the easiest way to avoid corona

The second wave of Corona has come to the country. In such a situation, there is an atmosphere of fear among the people. Experts emphasize masks, social distance and hand hygiene from the beginning. Now the situation is such that experts have started advising to wear two masks. This is the easiest way to avoid infection. If there are many types of questions in people's minds about double masking, you will find the answers to all of them here ...

What is the need for double masking?
New variants of the corona virus are spreading very fast. Even a virus can infect badly. Double masking almost eliminates the possibility of a gap in the edge of the mask and you are completely protected.

Can two surgical masks be worn together?
It is not advisable to wear two disposable masks together. A standard surgical mask is made of a paper-like material. The surgical mask does not completely cover the nose and mouth. There is a gap on the edge of the mask. From there the virus has a chance to get inside. But wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask leaves no chance of a gap.

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The correct way of double masking

Why wear a surgical mask even after wearing two masks?
If the surgical mask fits perfectly, it does not need to be tucked in by knotting on its elastic. But if the surgical mask does not fit perfectly, this can be up to 20% safer.

Need double masking even with N95 and K95?
N95 masks and K95 masks made in China are considered the best in medical masks. If it is worn properly you are 95% safe. Therefore, there is no need for double masking with it. But this mask needs to be original because, once again, it is in short supply in the market. Therefore, a cloth mask with a surgical mask is the best option. You can also use a KF94 mask made in Korea if you want. No double masking required with it.

How to check if the mask fits perfectly?
Even after double masking it is extremely important to know if the mask fits perfectly. For this keep your hands on the edge of the mask and take a quick breath. The mask needs to be tightened if air is coming out of that shore. If it fits perfectly, warm air will be felt inside the mask.

Is a candle test effective to check if the mask fits?
Many people check the fitting of the mask by blowing on the candle after wearing the mask, which is not appropriate. "Even wearing a mask that doesn't fit perfectly can be extinguished by blowing on a candle," said Professor V. F. McNeil, a chemical engineer at Columbia University. So, this is the worst way to check the fitting of the mask.

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