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Hypocrite Baba's Samadhi announced in Mehsana Fiasco, ridiculous end of the hypocrisy game which started at 9 pm and ended at 12 midnight

Typhoon: Hypocrite Baba's Samadhi announced in Mehsana Fiasco, ridiculous end of the hypocrisy game which started at 9 pm and ended at 12 midnight

Gathered crowds during the Corona period, keeping people seated for 4 hours
Gathered more than 2000 people in the guise of samadhi
At the last moment, the hypocrisy of the hypocrite came before the people

The hypocrite Baba of Chhathiyarda, who has been in the spotlight for the last three days, had earlier made big talk of leaving his body in the middle of the meeting. So the news spread like wildfire and the police and the system also started running. The game, which had been going on for three days in a row, came to an end yesterday. In which the wear and tear of devotees was also seen.

A large number of people flocked to
watch the game of Dhongi Baba which started at 9 pm last night. Mehsana police also had to increase its fleet to prevent any untoward incident. Between 10 and 11 pm, Baba pretended to exhale from his body and kept people seated for 4 hours. So the whole village came to see the hypocrisy of this hypocrite. But by 12 o'clock the hypocrite Baba's hypocrisy had come before the people. And the promise of his burial also remained a promise.

At 12 o'clock Baba told his disciples to give me Samadhi now. The
hypocrite Baba had forbidden the people and the police system for three days. Despite being persuaded by the police, the hypocrite did not give up his pretense. In the end, the hypocrite Baba could not give up his life in the last hours as he said. So he announced to his disciples in a crowded meeting that he was blindfolded. 

And said that now I can't do this, only you people give me Samadhi. People were also shocked to hear this. And the people present also came to know that this is also a hypocrite Baba. "I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused today," Baba told the media. I will also give up devotion after today. But the hypocrite Baba still has no regrets in this whole matter.

Baba's play came to an end at the ashram at 12.15 pm . As well as the hypocritical disciples present on the stage and the people who came to see and the people who came to the ashram were also taken out of the ashram by the police till late at night.

 Baba's disciples then cordoned off Baba like a VIP and took him to Baba's room upstairs. The matter was also discussed by the police with Baba at night.

In Mehsana district, more than two thousand people had gathered in Chhadiyarda village yesterday amidst Koro Kaher. But even the police seemed compelled to watch the spectacle. Aware Talati of the village had a discussion with Bhaskar on this matter and in this case we and the Sarpanch had earlier told Baba that this program would increase the transition of Koro in the village.

 However, this hypocrite Baba has become a super spread of corona by doing this program without caring about the people and proper action should be taken against this Baba so that in the future even such hypocritical people will think of doing this.

Devotees of Rajkot, who were in the game of
Baba's Samadhi, went out to sing at night . Word of Baba's Samadhi spread all over Gujarat. Due to which the devotees of Dhogi Baba came from different places. And stayed for the last three days. When the fiasco of the hypocrite took place, even the middle-aged people from Rajkot understood that all this was playing in the name of God. So that about five devotees from Rajkot left overnight. And said not to come to the program of such hypocrites after today.

The entire case was ridiculous,
it was already time to death creeps Baba Samadhi. After that, when the media asked questions about Baba's plays, the hypocrite Baba was also seen attacking the media. And he kept repeating that he was right. But the hypocrisy among the locals was ridiculous.

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Sai Baba dhoga see people climbing walls
saw a crowd of people was so dark night creeps Baba Samadhi sports. In which people had to climb on the walls to watch the program. So that even the police were able to bring down the people who had climbed the wall

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