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LIC's special scheme: No worries about daughter's marriage, get Rs 27 lakh by depositing Rs 130 daily

Every father’s biggest concern is his daughter’s marriage. Every father wants his daughter to get married in a good house after being educated. Getting married nowadays has to be a big expense. 

A common man can’t even think about those big expenses. The common man adds a pie one by one and he keeps the money for the day when he will donate his daughter.

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LIC, the country's premier insurance company, has taken a special initiative to help these common people. LIC has launched a very important scheme for the marriage of daughters. The scheme is named Kanyadan Policy. You will get Rs 27 lakh after completing 25 years of the policy. This amount may be sufficient for the daughter's marriage and any parent can marry their daughter happily.

ગુજરાતી  માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

Work policy for daughters

The Kanyadan policy will be for 25 years and the age for taking this policy for their daughter should be 30 years. According to the policy, the age of the daughter should be at least 1 year. The term of this policy will be reduced according to the age of the daughter. If a person wants to pay more or less money, he can join this policy. If the father plans the marriage of the daughter, this policy can prove to be very effective for him.

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How much do you deposit?

For example, if a 30 year old father takes this policy for his daughter, and he gets Rs 11 lakh by depositing Rs 2468 per month till his daughter turns 21. If you increase the deposit further, you can get Rs 27 lakh as there is no limit on the maximum sum insured. 

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The feature of the policy is that if any untoward incident occurs during the plan and the father dies, then all the premiums of the policy are waived, i.e., the installment is paid by LIC and when the daughter turns 21, the daughter gets Rs. Are paid.


If an unforeseen event occurs, you get so much money

When the father dies, LIC immediately pays Rs 5 lakh to the victim’s family. An additional Rs 5 lakh is given if the death is due to an accident. Not only that, from the year the father dies until the daughter turns 21, she gets Rs 50 per year for education expenses and upbringing.

What is the maturity period

This policy can be taken by people between the ages of 18 to 50 years. The maturity period of the policy is 65 years and the minimum term for this policy is 13 years. This policy can be run for a maximum of 25 years. The premium payment period is 3 years, i.e., if the policy is 25 years, the premium has to be paid for only 22 years. A minimum of Rs 1 lakh can be taken in this policy and there is no maximum limit.

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Understand in simple language

Suppose a 30-year-old man takes Rs 5.20 lakh for his daughter. For this, they choose a period of 21 years as the policy period. They have to pay a premium for 18 years and they have to pay a premium of Rs 2468 per month. When the daughter turns 21, the person will get Rs 11 lakh. On maturity, a bonus of Rs 5.35 lakh is given with a sum assured of Rs 5.20 lakh. 52 thousand will get final additional bonus. In such a case, after 21 years, you get Rs 11 lakh.

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How to get 27 lakh

If a person takes a policy of Rs 5 lakh Sum Assured and its term is 25 years, he will have to pay a premium for 22 years and for this, he will have to pay Rs 1951 per month. 13.37 lakh on maturity. Similarly, if a policy of Rs 10 lakh is taken for 25 years, Rs 26.75 lakh can be obtained by paying Rs 3901 per month.

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