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Lockdown can be the only way to break the corona chain in Gujarat, the government has started a serious review, a decision will be taken in the core committee meeting today.

Will there be a lockdown ?: Lockdown can be the only way to break the corona chain in Gujarat, the government has started a serious review, a decision will be taken in the core committee meeting today.

Lockdown may be decided at core committee meeting (file photo)

Doctors' unions and traders have been petitioning the government for several days to impose a lockdown

Like other states, there is a possibility of trying to break the chain of corona by imposing lockdown like other states to curb the growing corona in Gujarat. The Gujarat government has started a review in this regard, in which the situation of top officials, team of doctors, districts and cities is being discussed with the trade associations, on the basis of which a final decision on lockdown is likely to be taken in the evening meeting of the core committee.

કેજરીવાલની મોટી જાહેરાત: દિલ્હીમાં આજ રાતથી લાગૂ થશે 7 દિવસનું લોકડાઉન, વધુ કડક કરી નાખ્યા તમામ નિયમો

Union Home Minister Amit Shah today allowed states to impose lockdowns based on the situation in Corona. Not only that, states like Delhi and Maharashtra which are in the grip of Corona have resorted to lockdown to control Corona. Even in Gujarat, as the cases of corona are increasing, voluntary lockdowns are being carried out in cities and districts. In such circumstances, an attempt may be made to control the lockdown in Gujarat as well. Doctors' associations and traders have also asked the government to impose a lockdown in Gujarat, but now the government is moving in the direction of becoming serious about the lockdown.

A steady stream of vehicles has been seen on the overbridge, including the ring road.

Impact of Spontaneous Lockdown in
Surat The number of daily positive cases of corona in Surat city is increasing significantly. More than 2000 cases of corona are coming up daily in Surat city and district, in view of which various chambers of commerce and associations were appealing for voluntary closure. Its effect is also being seen on Mondays after Saturday-Sunday. 

The situation in Surat city has become very dire. In a situation where patients are not getting beds in government hospitals and private hospitals, every citizen is realizing his moral duty and trying to prevent the transmission of corona, the effect of which is being felt across the city. The movement of people in the city is very low, so it seems that people have accepted the voluntary lockdown.

Voluntary lockdown in many areas of Ahmedabad.

more than 3,000 cases coming in daily in the city of Ahmedabad where business is closed in the afternoon in some areas of Ahmedabad, now the demand for lockdown has risen among the people.

 Leaders in municipal and local self-government elections had earlier gathered crowds and rallied in the thousands; Now these same leaders and corporators are appealing to the people and traders to hold a voluntary lockdown and stop it. 

Shops in Sabarmati, Ranip, New Ranip, Niranyanagar, Kubernagar and Sardarnagar areas of the city will remain closed after 3 pm. In Vastrapur, shops will be closed till 2 pm till April 30. This is an announcement made by Vastrapur Merchant Association.

Traders support the closure of the Corona chain The
Manekchowk Tea Merchant Association also joined the spontaneous closure to fight the Corona and withdrew from its operations. Apart from this, traders of the electronics market on the road from Relief Road to Kalupur also joined the voluntary shutdown for two days. The traders of Kalupur's mint market also decided to keep it closed till Sunday. Traders of Maninagar Sindhi Market also joined the two-day shutdown.

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