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LPG cylinder cheaper by Rs 10 from April 1, aviation fuel prices fall by 3%

Relief to the common man:LPG cylinder cheaper by Rs 10 from April 1, aviation fuel prices fall by 3%

Cooking gas price cut for the first time since May 2020

The common man facing the cost of cooking gas has got some relief. State-owned oil companies have slashed LPG prices by Rs 10 per cylinder. This reduction has come into effect from today i.e. 1st April. After the reduction, the price of unsubsidised gas cylinder in the capital Delhi has gone up to Rs 809. Earlier, it was priced at Rs 819. This is the first time since May 2020, when the price of cooking gas has dropped. On the other hand, aviation fuel prices have also declined by 3%.

From December to March, the price went up by Rs 225. In
November, the price of a non-subsidized gas cylinder in Delhi was Rs 594. It had risen to Rs 644 on December 1. On December 15, it rose by Rs 50 to Rs 694. On February 4, the price rose by Rs 25 to Rs 719 per cylinder. On February 15, it was again increased by Rs 50 per cylinder. On March 1, the price was hiked by Rs 25 per cylinder to Rs 819. Thus, the price of a gas cylinder was increased by Rs 225 five times from December to March.

3% cheaper fuel in the air
on the other hand, Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) prices prices have been reduced to around 3%, ie 1 April. This reduction has been made in view of the decline in the price of crude oil in the international market. According to a notification issued by the oil companies, the price of ATF in the capital Delhi has come down by Rs 1,887 per km. Now the ATF in Delhi is Rs 58,374.16 per km. Earlier, the price of ATF was increased four times in February and March.

Airlines will be relieved that the airlines will
not be able to fly at full capacity due to the Covid-19. This is causing companies to spend more. The reduction in the price of ATF will provide relief to the airlines and also reduce their cost. Covid sanctions are being imposed once again in many states. It is also affecting air travel. However the government has made it clear that it has no intention of shutting down the domestic flight service even if the Covid-19 transition increases.

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