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Orissa:Twins with 2 heads and 3 arms have the same body, newborns are feeding with both mouths

Orissa:Twins with 2 heads and 3 arms have the same body, newborns are feeding with both mouths

The girls are both drinking milk by mouth
Doctors have confirmed that this is the case of the Siamese twins

A strange baby has been born in Kendrapada district in Orissa. A woman gave birth to a twin baby girl at a private hospital in the city on Sunday, with two heads and three arms but one body. "This is a rare medical condition," the doctors said. The girls were born into a poor family and the woman became a mother for the second time. The girls' heads are fully developed. According to doctors, both the mother and the baby are completely healthy.

According to Debashish Sahu, a pediatrician at Kendrapada District Hospital, the newborns are feeding with both mouths and have two noses. As well as being twin sisters they are connected to each other and their bodies are one. According to Dr. Sahu, both the girls are quite healthy.

Babita , 20, who was delivered at a private hospital on Sunday, gave birth to such babies on Sunday morning. The mother and daughter were then shifted to Kendrapada District Headquarters Hospital. However, both have been shifted to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Post Graduate Institute of Pediatric Cuttack for special care.

Siamese Twins Case
kendrapadana District Headquarters of the Siamese Twins in the case of the hospital's doctors confirmed that (DHH). The girl's parents are residents of Kani village in Rajnagar area. Pediatric Consultant of DHH Kendrapada Dr. According to Debashish Sahu, attached twins are attached to the chest and abdomen from birth. This condition is called embryo genesis due to fusion. Dr. According to Sahu, this medical discrepancy will be known in detail after the ultrasound is done.

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Dr. According to Sahu, the incidence of such abnormal births has come down as people are now awake. But even now there are some rural areas where pregnant women do not take care to take the medicine on time. They stop taking folic acid medications and don't even have an ultrasound at a later stage to find out about the discrepancy.

The girl's father has sought help from the Orissa government for his daughter's treatment. However, the earlier operation to separate the twins from Kandhamal was also successful. The entire cost of the operation in Delhi was borne by the Orissa government.

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