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अब नहीं थमेगी सांसों की डोर, आ रही है Oxygen Express | Viral Video


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In India, the cases of corona virus are constantly increasing. The second wave of Corona infection is so frightening that this time there is an outcry for oxygen in every corner of the country. In view of the increasing cases of corona virus and lack of oxygen, the central government has also started sending industrial oxygen to hospitals. Railway's Oxygen Express reached Nagpur Junction on Friday. According to the official statement, this Oxygen Express departed from Visakhapatnam on 22 April. At the Nagpur junction of Oxygen Express, 3 tankers were alighted and after this the train was sent forward ewa

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The Oxygen Express reached Varanasi at 2 pm on Saturday night from Bokaro and the Covid patients breathed a sigh of relief. Oxygen Express left for Lucknow by taking out a tanker of oxygen at Cantt railway station of Varanasi. The corona victims did not stop breathing, so the railway had sent the first oxygen express from Mumbai to Visakhapatnam shortly before. The supply of oxygen is being ensured in various parts of the country by Oxygen Express. A green corridor has been built for Oxygen Express so that oxygen supply is not delayed.

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Jamnagar से Oxygen लेने के लिए Indore से Air Force का विमान रवाना | Viral Video

Indore. Air Force aircraft leaves with an empty tanker. The shift to the tanker was done in the aircraft after removing the technical flaw. After a lot of effort, the tanker could be mounted in the aircraft. The aircraft will reach Jamnagar in about an hour. From there, tanker will reach Indore by taking oxygen in the tanker.

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