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Oxygen will be sent by trains across the country for corona patients, speeding up supply in states with severe shortages

Railway Oxygen Express: Oxygen will be sent by trains across the country for corona patients, speeding up supply in states with severe shortages

Railways will run Oxygen Express to alleviate the increased demand and oxygen shortage across the country due to the corona patient. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said on social media that the trains would deliver liquid medical oxygen and oxygen cylinders across the country. Trains for this will run soon.

The Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra governments have asked the railways to consider the possibility of transporting liquid medical oxygen. The railways then investigated the difficulty related to the technology of transportation of liquid oxygen. After verifying all the matters, it has been decided that oxygen tankers will be sent in the empty bogies of the freight train. A trial for this was held in Boisar, Mumbai on Sunday. It was loaded onto a loaded tanker flat wagon and inspected.

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Ramps to be made in three cities
A meeting was held on April 17 between Railway Board officials, state transport commissioners and representatives of industries on the issue. It directed the zonal railways to expedite the ordering and reloading of trailers. For this ramps are made in Vizag, Angul and Bhilai. The ramps built in Mumbai's Kalamboli should be strengthened.

There will also be a green corridor for supply.
Officials said 10 empty tankers would be sent to Visakhapatnam, Vizag, Jamshedpur, Rourkela and Bokaro on Monday to take oxygen from Maharashtra. Oxygen Express is expected to be launched in the next few days. This will allow oxygen to be sent wherever there is demand. A green corridor is being built to speed up the Oxygen Express.

What is the current state of oxygen in the states

Delhi: Kejriwal seeks help from Center
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to reserve 7,000 beds for corona patients and make oxygen available immediately. Delhi is short of oxygen and remedies. He said the number of ICU beds in Delhi is limited. Oxygen and ICU beds are rapidly declining.

Pradesh: 12 Kovid patients died on Saturday due to low oxygen supply pressure at Shahdol Medical College here. All are admitted to the ICU. Here in Ujjain, some Lidavs are not available despite paying Rs 15 for an oxygen cylinder which was earlier available at Rs 4,200. Earlier on April 15, five patients died when the oxygen supply was cut off due to a malfunction at a liquid plant in Jabalpur.

Uttar Pradesh: Demand for Lucknow PGI has increased 10 times and the
situation is deteriorating in several major cities, including the capital Lucknow. Hospitals do not have space. The supply of oxygen cylinders is being arranged only by the families of the patients admitted in the private hospitals. There is a long line outside the oxygen factories. PGI in Lucknow used to consume 50 cylinders per day, now it is using 500 cylinders. According to the company that makes oxygen cylinders, it used to make 1200 cylinders a day, which now produces about 1900. Yet it is lacking.
Maharashtra: Oxygen has to be sought from other states
As of April 8, 34,100 patients in the region were on oxygen support. By the end of April, the figure could reach 9 lakh. This condition can lead to oxygen deficiency. Maharashtra is trying to procure 30-50 metric tonnes of oxygen from Gujarat and 50 tonnes from Chhattisgarh.

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Rajasthan: Shortage in the largest Covid Hospital in Rajasthan The largest Covid Hospital
in Rajasthan, RUHS in Jaipur has 1,700 oxygen cylinder working and 1,500 backups. More than 100 patients are being treated here every day. While more than 700 are on oxygen support. The requirement here is more than 800 cylinders. A plant has been installed at RUHS to fill the liquid oxygen coming from Bhiwadi into cylinders. It contains 1,700 cylinders of oxygen at all times.

Punjab: There are 7 units producing medical oxygen in Punjab where only 25% oxygen bed is filled . It produces 80 metric tons of oxygen and 140 metric tons of oxygen from Himachal, Haryana and Uttarakhand. At present, Punjab has a demand of 100 metric tonnes of oxygen. The region is still only 25 percent full of oxygen beds. Oxygen plants have been installed in large government hospitals.

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