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PM's 'no', but 5 metropolitan medical associates-traders recommend lockdown from week

Lockdown demand again:  

On behalf of all doctors, I say that lockdown should be done: Former Vice President of All India Doctors Association.
States use loadcountry as a final weapon. This is how we can improve the state of the economy: PM

Corona's condition is deteriorating day by day in the state. In the last one month, the corona has exploded and left one house and knocked on the door, and experts are still fearing that the corona will spread. At present, the Gujarat government has lost its grip and is not in a position to provide beds or oxygen to the patients. 

It is impossible to predict and imagine what will happen tomorrow if the transition is still not under control. On the other hand, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday refused to hold a lockdown, the demand for a lockdown in the state is now intensifying amidst the situation, including most doctors, business associations, the High Court and the public.

The Gujarat government is not ready for a lockdown, following which DivyaBhaskar had a discussion with traders and doctors in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Bhavnagar and Jamnagar on the issue. Medical associations and traders in 5 out of 6 cities in the state expressed the view that lockdown was necessary.

What did Prime Minister Modi say?
Modi said that the country is fighting a big battle against Koro again today. The situation remained normal for several weeks, but now another wave of Corona has turned into a storm. I am aware of the pain you have endured, and are enduring. Those who have lost their people in the last few days, I extend my condolences to them on behalf of all the countrymen. I am involved in your grief as a family member. But to save the country from lockdown, the states themselves have to use loadcountry there as an ultimate weapon. In this way we will be able to improve the state of the economy.

Instead of 3 to 4 days lockdown, 15 days lockdown is required
. Kirit Gadhvi states that mutations in the corona virus have increased its transmission, which has led to an increase in cases of corona. However, the lethality of the virus has decreased this year as compared to last year. People are walking around today without masks. Breaking the chain of the virus requires a 15-day lockdown instead of a 3 to 4 day lockdown.

Former President of AMA Dr. Mutations in the virus, the current season, are responsible for the increase in coronary infections, says Mona Desai. If people do not follow Corona's guidelines, the government will have no choice but to impose a curfew or lockdown to break the chain of the virus.

The non-essential industries should be shut down
while the Ahmedabad Medical Association has written a letter to the GCCI asking them to work together to combat the epidemic. The letter to GCCI states that work should be continued in only those industries that are most needed (with half the capacity if possible), the rest should be stopped for at least two weeks to break the chain of covid infection. As well as making vaccination mandatory for all artisans to prevent artisans from becoming super spreaders.

The situation could worsen if the lockdown is not carried out. The
Indian Medical Association has written a letter to the state government in Surat demanding a complete lockdown for seven days. If the lockdown is not imposed, the situation is likely to worsen in the coming days. The health staff are serving as much as they can, but the situation is likely to get worse if these staff lose patience and the health staff get infected with coronavirus.

While Surat Fosta (FOSTA) has demanded a one week lockdown in the city. A letter has been written to the Chief Minister in this regard. Accordingly, the closure of Korona chain will not be broken only by keeping the Saturday-Sunday closed, the whole of Surat has been demanded to lockdown for a week.

Breaking Corona Chain First Essential Rajkot Medical Association has introduced the need for a 21-day lockdown to break Corona's chain. Former President of IMA Dr. Atul Pandya said that at present the situation in Rajkot is very dire. Given the current situation, breaking the Corona chain is the first requirement and lockdown is being considered as the only option.

Partial Lockdown Necessary:
Paresh Majumdar, President, Vadodara Medical Assoc. There are many aspects to consider, including employment. There is no need for lockdown if people only understand and do not leave the house.

I am against lockdown, social distance, mask: Dr.
Kuhadia Dr. NP Kuhadia of Bhavnagar said that I have been involved in healthcare for 37 years. Those who advocate a lockdown stay at home and there is no pressure to get out of the house. So many people who want a lockdown should leave voluntary work and keep their family at home, considering that others are being adversely affected. I do not specify the lockdown. The chain break from the lockdown has not been proven anywhere.

Viruses are a thing that everyone used to say that live 12 hours on inanimate objects, but now they are all denying it. The virus spreads just as it did in the past. The virus is spread through the air so there is no limit to it. No one has any specific information.

I have been against lockdown, social distance, masks from day one, advocating for lockdown only those who can eat at home for a year. In fact, the poor should also be considered.

There is no way out without lockdown: Dr.
Dr Kanani, former vice-president of the Kanani All India Doctors Association, said there was a need for a lockdown. Locked down in March 2020 when there were not 100 cases. At present, if there are over 20,000 cases, they do not lockdown. Breaking the chain of corona is possible only if there is a complete lockdown, nothing happens in the rest of the spontaneity, the current situation is very serious. On behalf of all the doctors of Gujarat, I say that lockdown should be done, without which nothing is possible. The government has no medical, no staff, no injections, no ambulance, no crematorium, all run on trust

Lockdown is needed but not wanted: Dr.
Chinmay Shah Everyone should follow social distance, wear a mask, be vaccinated or not. Instead of blaming the government or others, one should take care of oneself. There is a need for lockdown, but we do not want lockdown, because it affects business-employment. If we go out we invite Corona to enter the house, but if we stay indoors we will always stay away from Corona

The situation is bad; Lockdown should take place: JMA
Jamnagar Medical Association President Prashant Tanna said the situation is bad, nothing better. The problems that used to happen in the second week last time happen this time in the first week and happen very quickly.


From today till April 30, all the banks in the state will be open from 10 am to 2 pm

People will have a lot of trouble if you do lockdown, those who are admitted will also get in trouble if they need treatment. After that, if someone has a fever after two days, he has to go to the hospital, but the issue is the same. Hospitals cannot be closed.


Where in the question written Below? (Question mark) Which number will come there?

There will
be no solution except closing as a last resort. If people do not understand then there will be no solution except closing as a last resort. In Delhi or other states too, people have rallied after the lockdown and the crowds have increased. The virus quickly takes a serious form, so if you feel anything, see a doctor immediately and take medicine. If you close, there will be a pass line. How will the system work?


Ambulance carrying Kovid patient from Kutch to Ahmedabad Accident near Viramgam, driver-cleaner killed, patient rescued

Dr. Alpesh Chavda, Vice President, Jamnagar Medical Association, said that the current situation is very bad. The public and the merchant also close in their own way. After the lockdown, people party in the streets. Even if we get together, everything happens. The situation in the city is even worse. People have to be very careful to break the corona chain.

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