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Rajkot | Road Rage के मामूली विवाद के बाद शख्स को कार से कुचलने की कोशिश | Viral Video

Hello friends, today is the breaking news and the dangerous news and also a video of it below and below is the detailed information below.

Rajkot | Road Rage के मामूली विवाद के बाद शख्स को कार से कुचलने की कोशिश | Viral Video

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Rajkot. Dangerous deeds of a man named Jayaraj Dawda Tried to crush a person from the car. Actually, there was a collision between the car driver Jayaraj and the Activa driver at a corner. The Activa driver asked the car driver to drive the car carefully, after that Jayaraj took the car a little further and tried to crush the Activa driver by reversing at a tremendous speed. Activa driver was lucky to have survived.

Friends, how dangerous it is to watch the video of this news once and all these incidents were captured in a CCTV camera in front of it and above that video is given and show us how you feel about this news and what you think.

This news is from Rajkot in Gujarati and in this news you see a car and an active and this is his video and what a different and strange video is going viral in social media right now and share this information more and more.

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