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Release of hostage Cobra Commando after Naxal attack and important messages hidden in its method

Naxals challenge government:

The way Rakeshwar Singh was released was astonishing.

Naxals make psychological advance, government and administration stand as spectators

CRPF jawan Rakeshwar Singh, who was taken hostage in a clash between Naxals and Jawans in Bijapur, Chhattisgarh on April 3, was released by the Naxals on Thursday. The attack killed 23 soldiers. On April 7, the Naxals displayed a photo of Rakesh and said that the jawan was in their possession.

After that the process of communicating gained momentum. Officials kept talking about the search operation and there were also plans to rescue Rakesh from the back road. Bastar Range IG Sundarraj PA said he enlisted the help of social organizations, people's representatives and journalists to secure Rakesh's release. He mentioned the names of Pagnashri Dharmapal Saini, Gondwana Coordinating Committee Chairman Telam Boraiya, journalist Ganesh Mishra and Mukesh Chandrakar, Raja Rathore and Shankar. Rakeshwar Singh finally returned after 5 days.

Padma Shri Dharmapal Saini had a big role in liberating the CRPF jawans.

His way of
releasing the astonishing Rakeshwar Singh was more astonishing than his release from captivity . The Naxals first held a public meeting. This was the same place where there was a clash between Jawano and the Naxalites. Then all the villagers gathered there, tied their hands and brought the jawan. The media was also called in to cover the incident. Two Naxalite jawans were opening their hands. The jawan was then released through intermediaries by making a video of it.

After his release, Rakeshwar Singh underwent a medical examination.

The Naxals were in the driving seat throughout the incident. "The area is under our control despite the government's claims," ​​he said. Where the biggest operation was carried out, the Naxals freed Rokeshwar from captivity and conveyed the message that it is the Naxals who rule here. This is also called the mind game of the Naxalites. In all these developments, the government, the police, the army and the administration were standing united.

the Naxals made a psychological advance 1) After the abduction, on April 4, the media called and informed that the Naxals had captured Rakesh. He also spoke of leaving her with the promise of not hurting her unconditionally. The Naxals tried to adopt a moral ground. By doing so, the Naxals will be trying to make sure that their fight is with the government, not with Jawano.
2) The Naxals then demanded the government to reveal the names of the intermediaries to attract more people.

3) The jawan was also released from captivity easily and without making false demands, so that a good impression could be made among the people.
4) Just as the jawans were handcuffed at the meeting and released through the people's court, the Naxals were trying to prove that they were not at all afraid of the government or their threatening plans.
5) By doing so they have damaged not only the sovereignty of the country, but also the image of the Center.

Bastar Range IG Sundarraj PA has admitted that the help of social organizations / public representatives and journalists was sought to bring back Rakeshwar Singh.

The country's image had deteriorated even earlier in the hostage situation. In
1999, five terrorists hijacked an Indian Airlines plane from Nepal. The terrorists took the plane to Kandahar, Afghanistan after Kathmandu, Amritsar and Lahore, where in return for releasing 178 passengers, the terrorists made it a condition to release 3 terrorists, including Maulana Azhar. The militants were flown to Afghanistan by India on a special plane, accompanied by government ministers. The hostages were then released, but India's image became a soft state.

Sukma Collector abducted 9 years ago
On April 21, 2012, Naxals abducted Sukma District Collector Paul Menon of Bastar division. His 2 SPOs were also killed during the abduction. The collector was released from the Tadmetla forest route after 12 days of discussions with the government with the help of mediators with the Naxals.

Once again, under the government's nose, the Naxals captured CRPF personnel. He was then taken to the Jan Panchayat as a prisoner in the presence of the media. By handing over these jawans to the mediators, it seems that the Naxals have given a different message to the government. It remains to be seen how the government and the army will respond.

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