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Required for people wearing masks

Required for people wearing masks:You may have heard about acne on the face, now know about the mask caused by wearing a mask; Learn from American doctors how to avoid it

You may have heard of acne, but these days a new word has come up that comes with it - mask. In fact the word is made up of masks and acne. That is, wearing a mask constantly to prevent corona is called a mask for acne, inflammation, rashes and infections caused by bacterial infections on the face.

The mask is, in fact, the most common acne mechanics. In the same way, in cricket, an acne occurs around the head or ear of a batsman or wicket-keeper in a place where his helmet is constantly worn. An advisory has been issued by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) regarding Maskane in the Corona epidemic. Let us first know about the infection involved in the mask ....

It is a sign of the times that many of the world's top skin care brands have launched many products for masks. Experts do not consider it merely marketing their products in the name of skin care. According to Dr. Mona Gohara, Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the Yale School of Medicine, this is a fact.

Dr. Gohra herself has been a victim of mascara with three layers of her own mask. He wears an N-95 mask over his surgical mask and a face shield over it.

An easy and essential way to avoid masks

Mask hygiene that will prevent acne-

Choose a mask based on the risk of infection - You should choose the type of mask according to the risk of infection with corona. Health workers have to wear an N-95 mask along with a surgical mask. Ordinary people can also wear a three-layer mask made of cloth. However, dermatologists recommend wearing masks made from 100% cotton material, as cotton does not damage the skin.

Frontline workers are at the highest risk of
healthcare and other frontline workers are at the highest risk of wearing masks, as they have to wear tight fit masks for a long time. According to a research letter published in the journal AAD, 83% of healthcare workers in Hubei, China, suffer from facial skin ailments.

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