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Delhi | Police ने Spoken for Mask Video viral

Hello friends right now this video is going very viral and Corona is spreading a lot in the country and there is such news coming in and it is very labor-intensive news and the girl in the video below is not a mass.

A lockdown has been imposed in Delhi from 10 pm tonight to 6 am on the 26th. In Delhi's Daryaganj, a couple walking in a car without wearing a mask were stopped by the police and the two talked to the policeman. 

Pankaj Dutta and his wife Abha, who were in the car, also told the policeman, "What do you want me to do with this? If I whiffy, your PM, CM and you will be selling chickpeas." Police later registered a complaint against the two and arrested them. Importantly, the video of the incident was made by the policemen and people present there and went viral on social media.

Delhi police से Misbehave के बाद Arrest होने वाले पति ने पत्नी को लेकर चौंकाने वाली जानकारी दी है

Delhi Police has registered a case against a couple for not following anti-Covid rules and violating the weekend lockdown. After arresting the husband said that it all done by his wife. He said nothing. For more info please watch this video

Delhi | Police ने Mask के लिए बोला तो महिला बोली- "मैं तो अभी Kiss कर लूंगी' | Viral Video

New Delhi. Coronavirus has wreaked havoc in Delhi. Meanwhile, the Arvind Kejriwal Government has taken several tough decisions to control the corona, in which it has been made mandatory for everyone to wear a mask. Meanwhile, in Daryaganj area of ​​central Delhi, a man and his wife were stopped by the police for not wearing a mask on Sunday, then they allegedly insulted the policemen, after which the man was arrested. The video, which went viral on social media, shows the couple being rude to policemen.


Strange thing happened in Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh on Friday. When a girl driving a car here was stopped by the police, she started arguing fiercely. On the one hand, the girl had violated the Corona guideline, while on the other hand, there was an illegal black film on the window of her car. The car is registered on Uttar Pradesh number.

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The girl said that the policemen's ego got hurt, so she is taking action. The girl is the daughter of a local BJP leader. After this high voltage drama, the police cut off the challan of Rs. 600. According to the information, the incident took place at Sidhi's Jamodi New Bus Stand Tiraha. Police were imposing fines on those who violated the Corona Guidelines. Meanwhile, a car with a black film passed by him.

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Friends here you will find a lot of such news and work information and breaking news and learning and learning from the website and share more and more and work information and share more and more and this news is a bit of comedy and such coro virus is very spread. News is not a good thing and you all be vigilant.

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