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The 2600-year-old mummy was not killed with a machete but with a sharp ax, used by Egyptian soldiers

Research:The 2600-year-old mummy was not killed with a machete but with a sharp ax, used by Egyptian soldiers

Scientists have made a new discovery about the 2600-year-old Takabuti mummy. Scientists say the woman's mummy was killed by hitting her on the back with an ax. Earlier in the research, Chappu had stated the reason for the murder. The research was carried out in collaboration with Professor Rosely David of the University of Manchester and Professor Elin Murphy of Queen's University.

Researchers also examined the hair and said that the woman who died was from the upper class and lived in ancient Egypt. He was brought to Ireland in 1834 to lift the veil from Mummy's death.

In addition to DNA analysis, X-rays, CT-scans, and hair tests to solve the puzzle, the researcher also examined the area from which the mummy was packed with the material.

The assassin attacked while fleeing.
Research has claimed that the ax used to kill the soldier. The woman was away from the killer at the time of the murder. The killer struck the woman on the back with a machete as she fled to save herself. The killer may also be from the woman's family.

Killed between the ages of 20 and 30.
A book has been written on this whole research, entitled The Life and Times of Takabuti in Ancient Egypt: Investigating the Belfast Mummy. According to research, the ax used to kill was used by Egyptian and Syrian soldiers. According to a CT scan of the mummy, the woman was killed between the ages of 20 and 30.

The woman did not have any disease.
Examination of the proteomics method revealed that the woman was quite healthy. From the words written on the mummy's shroud it can be said that she was married. Mummy's belongings revealed that her family loved her dearly. Her hair was neatly cut and curly.

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