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The former PM became infected 15 days after taking two doses of the vaccine at the age of 88, admitted to Delhi AIIM for treatment

BIG News: Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh became infected with Manmohan Singh.

The former PM became infected 15 days after taking two doses of the vaccine at the age of 88, admitted to Delhi AIIM for treatment

Corona virus cases are on the rise in the country. Meanwhile, former Prime Minister and Congress leader Dr. He has been admitted to AIIMS Hospital in Delhi for treatment. Let me tell you that new cases of Corona virus are on the rise across the country, including the capital Delhi. About 25,462 people were infected and 161 died in Delhi on Sunday.

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (file photo)

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Korona has been infected. He has been admitted to Delhi AIIMS for treatment. What is special is that the former PM has taken two doses of Corona vaccine. He was given the first dose of indigenous covacin on March 3 and the booster dose on April 4. Given this condition, they had completed 2 weeks after taking the second dose.

The former prime minister had on Sunday given five suggestions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to confront Corona. He wrote a letter to PM Modi asking him to allow the use of vaccines approved in Europe and America in the country without trial. He also advised to speed up the vaccination drive and place advance orders for vaccines from foreign companies.

Manmohan's 5 advices to Modi

1. The government should inform the people which vaccine producers have been ordered in how many doses and how many orders have been accepted for their supply for the next 6 months. If we are going to vaccinate a certain population during these 6 months, we should place an order in advance so that there is no problem in vaccine supply.

2. The government should also state how all this will be done and how the vaccine will be distributed in all the states. The central government can deliver 10 per cent of the vaccine to the states as an emergency. The vaccine is then supplied further after delivery.

3. States should be given some leeway in determining frontline workers so that they can also be vaccinated under the age of 45 years. For example, teachers, bus-taxi-three-wheeler operators, municipal and panchayat members and lawyers may be declared frontline workers. They can also be vaccinated if they are under 45 years of age.

4. For the last one decade, India has been emerging as the largest vaccine producer in the world. Especially in the private sector. This has been made possible by the policy adopted by the government. In case of this emergency the government should provide facilities and incentives to vaccine manufacturers to increase production. The rules relating to lines in law should be reintroduced so that companies can obtain a license under it and start production. This has been done before in the fight against diseases like AIDS. Speaking of Kovid, I have read that Israel has enforced the compulsory license provision. The same can be said here in view of the growing case of Corona in India.

5. The supply of indigenous vaccines is limited. In these circumstances, reputable agencies such as the European Medical Agency and the USFDA that have approved the vaccine should be called in without conditions such as a home trial. I think even experts would consider it appropriate in case of an emergency. This facility must be available till the stipulated time in which the bridge trial in India will be completed. Those who will be vaccinated will also be informed that they have been vaccinated with the approval of reputable foreign agencies.

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