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The infection is spreading rapidly due to UK strain, with Ahmedabad having the highest number of 9670 cases so far in March

 Transition:The infection is spreading rapidly due to UK strain, with Ahmedabad having the highest number of 9670 cases so far in March

Dr. Tejas Patel (file photo)

6 members of the same family infected with corona in Paldi, couple vaccinated 5 days ago
Antibodies develop after two doses of the vaccine

The situation in Ahmedabad city is getting worse and worse due to Corona. The city recorded the highest ever 9670 cases in March. Even when the coronavirus was at its peak in May 2020, 9154 cases were reported. \

Thus, the case of March has set a new record. In the last 24 hours, 613 cases have been reported daily, while 3 patients have died. In the 10 days from March 22 to March 31, 5,671 cases were reported, accounting for about 58 per cent of the total cases reported in March. Similarly, 18 patients died from coronavirus throughout February, compared to 43 in March. Thus, the death toll in one month has also increased by about 140 per cent. Based on the review of the case, the health department of the city has placed 19 more areas of the city in micro containment.


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Vaccination of people over the age of 45 started Corona vaccination has been started for people over the age of 45 from Thursday. The highest number of 32797 people were vaccinated in Ahmedabad on the first day. The highest number of 8475 people were vaccinated in the western zone followed by 3053 people in the northern zone. Crowds of people were seen at 380 vaccination centers in the city since morning. 

The muni has also arranged for vaccination in 14 large community halls. The municipality has set a target of vaccinating 20 lakh people by April 30. Adequate quantity of vaccine will be made available as discussed in the Standing Committee. All vaccination centers have been allotted a quantity that lasts for five days.

The highest number of 32797 people were vaccinated in Ahmedabad on the first day (file photo).

Infection is spreading rapidly due to UK strain: Dr. Dr. Tejas Patel,
a member of the Tejas Patel State Covid Core Committee, said that the main reason for the rise in Corona cases across the country, including Ahmedabad, in the last one month was the UK. There is a strain.

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 This causes the infection to spread very quickly and the whole family becomes infected when one person becomes infected. Compared to the previously seen strain of the corona, the rate of spread of the infection due to this strain is increasing by about 70 percent, but the relief is that the virus is less severe than last year. If people still follow Corona’s guidelines the only solution.

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I said last January that if people save the festivals of Uttarayan and Holi and don't crowd, there will be no outbreak of corona in the state, but people are not careful, which has led to an increase in cases, but more importantly, the virus Even if it is fast, it is less serious. 

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However rapid diagnosis and treatment of corona is required. Faster diagnosis and treatment will reduce mortality as fewer people go on the ventilator. Not only that, people still understand, if the mob does not turn, adhere to the mask, sanitizer and social distance, there is a good chance that the corona will come under control in the next two months.

Corona infection infected 6 members of the same family in Paldi A
young man and his wife working in Zydus Healthcare tested positive for corona 5 days later. Not only that, 4 other members of the family were also infected.

Yatrik Pandya, who lives in the Meghdhanushya flat near the Paldi Jalaram temple, is the area business manager at Zydus Healthcare. Yatrik and his wife Hariniben were vaccinated against corona 5 days ago. One day after the vaccination, there was a general fever. After that the fever went up instead of going down, the fever did not go down for 5 days and both of them tested positive for corona. Four members of the family, including parents and siblings, were also positive when Corona reported.

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It is worth mentioning here that the body develops immunity against corona 20 to 25 days after taking the second dose of corona vaccine.

Nine infants from
neonatal to 11 years of age are thought to be less affected by coronary heart disease, but currently 9 children aged neonatal to 11 years are being treated at the Civil 1200 Bed Hospital, two of whom are in critical condition. 

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The highest number of 12 corona patients were admitted in the month of March after December 2020 to February 2021, so now children as well as adults need to be vigilant about corona.

Dr. Rakesh Joshi, Civil Superintendent and Head of Pediatric Surgery, said that from December 2020 to February 2021, there were 1-2 cases of Covid's pediatric patient with cold, cough and fever in the hospital, but this March, 12 children from newborn to 11 years were treated. Is given. Currently 9 children are under treatment, out of which 1 is on oxygen and one is on high oxygen.

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Corona can also happen to young children (file photo).

It is very important to get vaccinated to control coronavirus.
Mutations are very fast because of the RNA virus, so it is possible to get vaccinated if you are not careful. However, everyone must get vaccinated. According to vaccine recipients, people who have been vaccinated are still infected with the coranavirus and the virus reaches the lungs, but such people recover much faster and are less likely to die from exposure to a ventilator.

Tejas train closed for one month due to rising corona cases in Gujarat-Maharashtra The
private Tejas train running between Ahmedabad and Mumbai has been closed for one month from Friday due to increasing transit of corona in Gujarat and Maharashtra. After a month, the situation will be reviewed and a decision will be taken whether to start the train or not. All passengers who make advance bookings will have their tickets canceled and will be given a full refund. It has been decided to close the train for the third time due to Corona since the train started in January 2020.

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