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High court suggests ban on non-wedding and non-funeral function in the state, keep number 50 at weddings instead of 100
The government allowed the bride and groom to get married in the house in the presence of only 20 people

Corona's footsteps are likely to have an impact on remarriages in the state. The concession was granted in June last year with a limit of 50 people. It was raised to 200 after 100 in November and 100 after the Supreme Court resented it. Following the High Court's suggestion, only 50 people in the state are likely to attend the wedding.


Government of Gujarat No .: V-1 / KA / 102050/2 Home Department, Secretariat, Gandhinagar Dat.  16.03.20 31 ૨, Order: Novel Corona virus (COVID - 19) has been declared a global epidemic by WHO.  In this regard, instructions and guidelines have been issued from time to time by the Central Government and the State Government.  The impact of COVID-19 is spreading in some cities in the state.  The state government has seriously considered this.  At the end of the adult deliberation, the state government has decided to implement the following.  Ta.  With effect from 18.03.2021, no more than 50 (fifty) persons can gather in a closed or open space for a wedding ceremony.  Wedding ceremonies may not be held during the night period in cities where the night is performed.  e.  In case of death, no more than 50 (fifty) persons may be present at the funeral.  Public political / social / religious events, receptions, birthday celebrations or other gatherings will be completely banned with immediate effect.  

The festivals of every religion during April and May will not be celebrated in public and people will not be able to gather in public.  All the festivals should be celebrated with the family at home according to their faith.  

The attendance of employees in government, semi-government, board, corporation and all types of private offices should be kept up to 50% or arrangements should be made for alternate day employees to come on duty.  This provision does not apply to essential services.  All religious places in the state  An appeal is made to keep it closed to the public till 30.03.2021.  It is advisable that daily worship / rituals at religious places be performed by the administrators / priests of religious places with limited number of people.  Devotees are also urged not to go to shrines for direct darshan.

The High Court took note of
Suomoto and suggested a limit of 50 per marriage. Corona has been rampant in the state and a record-breaking 5,000 corona cases have been registered in the state in the last two days. Following the corona situation in the state, the Gujarat High Court has taken note of Suomoto. The High Court has suggested banning all events in the state except wedding ceremonies and funerals. At the same time, instead of 100, only 50 people have been suggested to be involved in the marriage. In addition, it is said that no more than 8-10 people gather at other events. The state is then likely to enforce the permission of 50 people decided after lockdown in re-weddings.

Unlocked-1 got married within 50 limits
Unlocked-1 started planning marriages within the limit by following Corona's guideline without any permission with concessions. Despite all the preparations for the wedding, including the pavilion, the diner, the horse, the band, Kankotri, the marriage was eclipsed by the Corona. The government, meanwhile, allowed the bride and groom to get married in the presence of only 20 people. Nothing was allowed except marriage. However, when Unlock-1 was announced, the collectors in the state issued a notification and allowed the marriage to take place in the presence of only 50 people without seeking any approval.

If there are 200 guests, the venue should have a capacity of 400 guests
. Meanwhile, on November 2, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani took an important decision and allowed 200 people in the state to attend the wedding. However, it has to be complied with. Now you can get married with the same fanfare as before. More than 200 guests were allowed in the wedding ceremonies as per the guidelines of Kovid-19. Finding a ceremony venue with double capacity from guests allowed guests to have as much as 50 per cent capacity of any hall or wedding venue in the wedding. The capacity of the ceremony venue was set at 400 guests to invite 200 guests to the wedding.

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Red eye of Supreme Court and night curfew Nadya The
Gujarat government has reduced the limit of 200 persons in weddings across the state to 100 persons from the red eye of the Supreme Court on November 24 for allowing the presence of 200 persons in weddings and other ceremonies. While other ceremonies or funerals can only be attended by 50 persons. Due to night curfew in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot, no event will be held in these cities during the curfew period.

Said to apply to hold a wedding
on December 11, Minister of State Pradeepsinh behalf grhavibhaga government Jadeja had previously announced that it will be granted prior to conducting marriages in the state, had now ordered the people cried out to his department, the resolution of which is to hold the wedding in your family So go to the government's online platform, register and get a receipt. Earlier, the Gujarat government had made the approval of the police department mandatory for weddings or any other reception in the state. So the decision was overturned by the outrage among the people and exempted from approval. When the rule was made to organize not more than 50 percent of the capacity of the wedding venue, but within the limits of 100 people.

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Gujarat government had earlier ratified a maximum of 200 people at weddings before approving only 100 at weddings in January . But after Diwali, the transition to Koro increased and on January 22, the limit was reduced to 50 per cent of the capacity of the wedding venue and a maximum of 100 persons. Any event where the state government imposed a night curfew to curb the transition in the four major cities was closed during the curfew period. Citizens will have to strictly follow the guidelines of Kovid-19 at weddings and receptions. Physical and social distance with a distance of 6 feet, including mask and sanitizer should be arranged during the ceremony.

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