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The train was coming from the front as death, then the person who came as God

Hello friends, today is the breaking news. Survivor of an accident. Below is his information and a video of CCTV. Here is some information about him.

Viral Video: Mayur Shelke, जिन्होंने Railway Track पर गिरे Blind Mother के Child को बचाया। Bravery

At Mumbai's Wangani railway station, a crippled child suddenly fell from a platform onto a railway track. In the meanwhile the train suddenly came at speed. Seeing this, the present pointman immediately ran and picked up the paralyzed child from the track and carried him on the platform. Immediately after that the train passed by. Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal lauded Pointman Mayur Schalke for rescuing a child at the risk of his life.

मुंबई. मौत बनकर सामने से आ रही थी ट्रेन, तभी भगवान बनकर आ गया शख्स. सेंट्रल रेलवे मुंबई डिविजन मयूर शेल्के (पॉइंट्समैन) ने अपनी जान पर खेलकर बच्चे की जान बचाई.

Mumbai. The train was coming from the front as death, then the person came as a god. Central Railway Mumbai Division Mayur Shelke (Pointsman) saved the life of the child by playing on his life.

The news is from Mumbai and comes from the front of the train and a child falls down the rails and a man comes running from behind and rescues and if a little bit is given then a very big mishap has happened. Share this news with other people and be very careful and pay special attention to the children in the railway station and we work for your good and share more and more and share this news with your friends.

Friends, you will keep getting such news and breaking news from the website and every day you will get new information and old and such breaking news and you will also get a lot to learn various information and know-it-all information. There will also be a video of the news and from it you can see Gujarati and Hindi information in this news video.

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