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Traders from Bhuj and Gandhidham will have to greet the shop by 7.30 pm

Fighting the epidemic : Traders from Bhuj and Gandhidham will have to greet the shop by 7.30 pm

Toting beaver on Jubilee Circle

Restrictive orders apply in the district as Corona's case escalates
On the first day, there was a commotion at night in areas without police custody
Citizens arrived in 2020, a little quiet at night after a little relaxation

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While the second wave of Corona in Kutch is moving at a fast pace, restraining orders have been issued in the district with night curfew in district headquarters Bhuj and Gandhidham by the district collector. The government has imposed night curfew in 20 cities of the state, including Bhuj-Gandhidham, following the urgency of the state high court as the cases of Kovid-19 in Bhuj and Gandhidham are on the rise.

Police rocked the road

From 7-4 to 30-4 in Bhuj city and Ganghigham also from 8 pm to 6 am, night curfew has been ordered by Collector Praveena D.K. So that the residents of the area are not allowed to leave their houses and are not allowed to stand on any road, public sidewalks, highways, streets, alleys, societies and public places or to move around on foot or in vehicles.

The road became smooth

West Kutch police chief Saurabh Singh said traders would have to close their shops and reach home before 8 pm, excluding essential services, including medical. Travels coming from outside, bus passengers have to show tickets. The managers of the company have to give leave half an hour before the workers can reach home before 8 pm, the necessary instructions have also been given for this. Anyone who appears on the road after 8 p.m. will be prosecuted.

Markets become tumultuous

Know ... In this case you will get concessions during Kafaryu
Petroleum, CNG, LPG, Water, Sanitation, Power generation and transmission unit, Telecommunication Service, NIC, Early Warning Agency, Police, Home Guard, Revenue Officer / Employee, Civil Defense, Fire And Essential Services of Emergency Services, Disaster Management, Defense Central Armed Police Force, Prisons and Municipalities. All medical services including public and private sector, pharmaceutical home delivery, milk distribution, electronic media and print media, private security service, manufacturing units of essential commodities. Activities for handling of goods on railways. Railways and airways and ST. Taxi and rickshaw / cab services will continue for approval after issuing valid tickets for picking up and dropping off commuters.

Passengers traveling long distances from outstation during night curfew to Bhuj city or Ganghigham city will have to present their toll tax receipt or other proof. ATM management and cash management agencies, including IT vendors of ATM banking operations. Transportation of all types of goods. Permission to take and drop students on the basis of admission card / identity card for giving valid examinations for government services. Companies will have to provide details of their vehicles and the personnel traveling in them to the police control room.

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and Bhuj and Gandhidham drug retailers and wholesalers of Bhuj and Gandhidham have appealed to the police administration to cooperate in the fight against the epidemic by completing their work and reaching their homes by 8 pm. Besides, Anil Gore, president of Bhuj Chamber of Commerce, also appealed to the industrialists and business friends to follow Korona's guidelines and reach home before the scheduled time of night curfew. Bhadresh Doshi said.

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Ramadan starts from 14th but there is no clarification on that issue. The
holy month of Ramadan is starting from 14-4 and when the Muslim community is offering the main Tarabiyah prayers at 9 pm, there is no clarification on this issue in the collector's declaration. Contacting the resident Additional Collector Kuldeep Singh Jala in this regard, he said that at present the order of the state government is being followed and if any order of the government comes till the time of Ramadan, it will be followed accordingly.

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What will be the effect of night curfew in Bhuj-Gandhidham?

The citizens of these two cities have experienced the night curfew and lockdown of 2020, but here is a small but important piece of guidance obtained by asking the administration and the police, who are confused about some things.

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Merchants have to greet their shop early and get home before 8 p.m.
The hotel restaurant may not even make home delivery after closing at 8 p.m.
Rock at weddings, receptions or other events in both cities during the Kafiru period.

These rules will apply to the entire district

Apart from Bhuj and Gandhidham, government offices in the entire district will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays till the 30th and visitors will be admitted only if there is a very important operation.
From 100-4 in the district, only 100 persons will be able to attend the wedding, reception or open space. Political, social and other gatherings cannot be held in the district and no more than 50 persons can gather on any occasion.

The agricultural produce market committees of the district have to follow the guidelines of Kovid-19. Strict action will be taken for violation of rules.

Bhuj night kapharyuna province Officer advised to strictly follow
a meeting in Bhuj night kapharyuni tight Province Authority for the implementation and the Assistant Collector Manish guravanie, which wore the mask fine people, night kapharyuno strictly enforced, health surveillance in the area who are in the area koronana case came, The concerned officers, employees were urged to tighten the area with verification, baritaking, sanitation, police vigilance as well as adherence to the Corona guideline.

On the first day, half an hour was allowed but if it was late from Thursday, the police action was taken
from 8 o'clock as soon as the curfew was imposed. Checking was started on every road in Bhuj. So the police chief Saurabh Singh himself joined the investigation. While conducting the checking, the police chief said that half an hour of exemption has been granted on the first day today, but from tomorrow, the government's order will be strictly followed and the violators will be punished.

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