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Traffic e-courts will be launched across the country

Traffic e-courts will be launched across the country:People no longer have to go to court to fill up vehicle memos, 25 states funded after success of 9 e-courts in 7 states

Memos can now also be filled online - file image.

People no longer have to go to court to submit memos for violating traffic rules. Memos can be submitted at home. For this, traffic e-courts will be started across the country. The central government has allocated Rs. 1,142 crore. The deadline for launching e-court is July 2021.

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Traffic e-courts launched in several states The
central government has taken this decision after the success of nine e-courts launched in six states and one union territory. The first two e-courts were launched in the country's capital, Delhi, in May 2020 to resolve pending cases in traffic courts across the country during the Corona period. Subsequently, traffic e-courts were launched in Haryana (Faridabad), Tamil Nadu (Chennai), Karnataka (Bengaluru), Kerala (Kochi), Maharashtra (Nagpur, Pune) and Assam (Guwahati). According to the Union Law Ministry, more than 41 lakh cases were settled in all these e-courts by January 20, 2021.

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Traffic e-Court works this way
If someone has to fill out a memo for violating traffic rules, they can make an online payment anytime within 24 hours; Receipt is also obtained from it. For example, if a memo is cut by the police in an area with the help of a camera for a driver's speeding, not wearing a helmet, the information will immediately appear in the online portal. The portal will then send that information to the vehicle owner by texting. If the vehicle owner wants to fill the memo, he can pay the fine from the link found in the mobile.

How much funds to which state high court for e-court

StateFund (Rs. Crores)
Uttar Pradesh109.48
Madhya Pradesh74.05
Tamil Nadu70.15

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