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Vaccine shortage in metros of the state, lack of oxygen in Ahmedabad-Surat; Only 10% of the bed empty, the injection disappears

Bhaskar Ground Report:Vaccine shortage in metros of the state, lack of oxygen in Ahmedabad-Surat; Only 10% of the bed empty, the injection disappears

A picture of a crowd in Surat despite the corona

What is the status of 4 weapons against Corona in 4 big cities with 61% cases?

Bhaskar examined the situation in four major cities where 61 per cent of corona cases were reported, including injections, vaccines, hospital beds and oxygen needed to fight corona. Surat currently has 97% bed full while Ahmedabad also has 80 to 85% bed full. The Civil Hospital in Wankaner, Saurashtra, was shocked to learn that three corona patients had died in a single night due to lack of oxygen. There was no shortage of vaccine or oxygen in Rajkot-Vadodara. Health Secretary Jayanti Ravi said that with the arrival of 15 lakh vaccine doses, the daily vaccination target of 4.5 lakh could be achieved.

Missing a bed in Ahmedabad required treatment on a stretcher.

AHMEDABAD 80% full bed, a woman dies due to lack of injections
injeksanah is a shortage of both injection and tosilijhumeba remadesivira. The doctor prescribes but is not available in the market. A 65-year-old woman died Wednesday after failing to receive a toxilizumab injection.

Hospital Beds: Private hospital beds are 85% full, government beds are 80% full. 400 beds are reserved in Civil Hosp. Oxygen: Oxygen which used to run for two days in 9 government hospitals now has to be

filled twice a day, while private hospitals have been reported to be short of oxygen.
Veksinesanah Ahmedabad has dropped 52 per cent less stock coming into the vaccine Vaccinations and other reasons. The government, however, denies that the vaccine is missing.

People doing public awareness work in Vadodara.

Vadodara: Demand for 6000 injections, 4 thousand
injections come daily: According to Hospital Assoc., There is a demand for 6000 Ramdasivir injections, but 4000 injections are coming daily.

Hospital Beds: The private-government hospitals in Vadodara are 71.65% full of beds. (Occupy 6983 out of 9763).
Oxygen: Local production is 117 tonnes against a total demand of 100 tonnes. The lack of oxygen cylinder
veksinesanah Vadodara earlier than vaccination is not decreased. Vaccinations here rose 0.3 percent on Thursday.

As the beds in the hospitals are full, the woman is seen wearing a dupatta to protect her husband from the heat.

Rajkot: Despite the increase in the number of beds in government hospitals, 90% of the beds remain full.
Injection: There is no serious shortage of remedivir and other injections in Rajkot. Currently has a stock of 5000 injections.
Hospital Beds: There is a shortage of beds in government hospitals, with the number of beds constantly increasing, 90 per cent of the beds remain full. However, with the death toll rising, there is still a state of waiting in the cemetery and the shortage of staff and increasing number of patients in the civil hospital has created chaos.
Oxygen: Rajkot Civil Hospital needs 13,000 liters of oxygen every day, though there is no serious shortage due to insufficient supply. Vaccination: An average of 10,000 people are being
vaccinated every day in Rajkot city, a slight increase from earlier.

Suratah fell by 97 percent the amount of falling out of bed flowers vaccination, vaccine
injeksanah 's stock recently fell in 1305 remadesivira injections. Received a total of 814 online applications for injections.
Hospital Beds: An average of 97 percent of the city's private hospitals have flower beds. While some hospitals flower 100 percent.
Oxygen: Total supply fell by 5-10 per cent. Liquid oxygen had to be ordered from states like Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh. Vaccination: 56,342 people were
vaccinated on April 3. After that, about 26 to 32 thousand people were vaccinated due to missing vaccine.

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