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Video of an old man singing on Corona goes viral, the whole world is crying at home ...

Two Aunts sang Corona's huge new song | Viral video

Both mother and daughter sang Corona's powerful song Viral video

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Two Aunts sang Corona's huge new song | Viral video

Lungs Comedy Song:Video of an old man singing on Corona goes viral, the whole world is crying at home ...

Screen shot of the video that went viral

The video of Corona holding her stomach and laughing even during the difficult times is viral

 વાયરલ વીડિયો જોવો

Corona epidemic is raging all over the world including Gujarat. In this too, for the last one month, Yamaraja has been going from house to house in Gujarat and taking people's lives. In this situation, the health service has also collapsed and people are dying without oxygen and injections. Currently there is a depressing atmosphere all around. As well as the mental state of the people is also deteriorating. However, even in such a difficult time, if people adopt a positive attitude, there is no doubt that the report will be negative. Many people are also strong-minded and know how to live in a very serious situation.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો

Kaproy, where did this period come from, Corona?
A video of an old man humorously presenting this situation of Corona period has gone viral. This video of 2 minutes and 19 seconds sings three songs related to Corona. Listening to these songs will make your lungs stronger and you will be able to get out of mental stress. If you look at the songs sung by the woman in this video, where did Kaproy come from this time, Corona ... Rati Roviraviya in the night ... The whole world cried at home, Behaida ... Utaro Aarti came home from work ... The police raised her with a stick

More than 4.81 lakh cases have
been reported in the state so far in the last 84 days. The number of new patients is higher and the number of discharged patients is lower. Earlier on February 20, the number of recoveries was higher than the number of new patients. The state has so far received 4 lakh 81 thousand 737 positive reports, while the death toll has risen to 6,171. Also 3 lakh 67 thousand 972 patients have been discharged so far. As far as active cases are concerned, there are currently 1,07,594 active cases in the state, out of which 396 patients are on ventilator, while 1,07,198 patients are in stable condition.

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